Sunday, February 16, 2014

RSC-February and CS updates

After the snow/tractor/ditch excitement this morning, I was able to spend a couple of hours in the sewing room, tidying up the pink scraps that were scattered about yesterday.  My February RSC (I think Maverick Nines is a fitting name for this block??) can be added to my stack for 2014.  Go ahead and zoom in -- you'll find a few seams a bit "off"-- but I'm okay with that :)

And now for a little Celtic Solstice update!  I had been piecing the blocks as my leader-enders, but I moved piecing them to the forefront once I finished the RSC clean-up.  Another 20 Birthday Girl blocks were added to the pile...

...and the last 21 Birthday Girl blocks have been sewn into threesies. the time I reached this stage, I was ready to close up shop in the COLD basement.  Despite having my space-heater working,  my fingers were no longer responding like they should :\

My shelf of units has whittled down to only having the border units, and units for 20 more 54-40 or Fight blocks.  I no longer feel the urgency RUSH to finish up the quilt; I'll simply keep plugging away as time allows.   My Roll Roll Cottonboll is managing nicely on the new bed mattress for now -- it's simply sufficing and will continue to suffice until CS is finished :)

The school staff and students have a vacation day tomorrow for "Winter Break."  We don't get a Spring Break (other than Good Friday), so this vacation day is definitely going to be enjoyed.  With the weather report for our area, it sounds like it has the potential to be (have been) a snow day for us anyway.  Starting around 3AM, the snow should start falling, and will last until about noon.  Prediction:  4-6 inches of snow.   We are already living through a winter for the record books -- I'll be curious to see if it ends up being the COLDEST and SNOWIEST on record.  

Happy Sunday evening everyone!


Sheila said...

I like your wonky RSC stars block! Must try that one some day.
Oh my. I LOVE the color and fabrics you chose for your Celtic Solstice.
Enjoy Winter Break tomorrow.

Melissa Crosby said...

We always say that the holiday is for Katie's birthday! She's always happy to have extra days off for her birthday!

Andee said...

Every time I turn around I hear about the cold and snow back there...hopefully Spring will arrive early because you all deserve it! Love your maverick stars RSC, it will be a beauty! Way to keep plugging away on CS. Kathy is almost done with her block assembly was monster size!

scraphappy said...

Love your maverick nines. It does seem like the coldest and snowiest winter I can remember, hope it doesn't keep on for too much longer.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Love the pink block Amy! And your Celtic Solstice is gonna be awesome!