Friday, February 21, 2014

Yarn ball winder?

Last night, I decided to do some research on a variety of yarn ball winders.  I YouTubed winders, and did a shopping search for prices.

It seems that of all the simple "home" ball winders on the market, the Royal ball winder was receiving the best reviews.  Prices I found on various websites ranged from $35.00 - $68.00 (crazy price range for the SAME model!)

I am always a bit reserved when it comes to actually hitting the "buy" button for just about everything I ever buy.  I'd love to have one -- it seems like a super fun and easy gadget to have available to take care of those deflated partially used yarn skeins.

Now, of course, I have balled up my excess yarns in the past -- but those pesky balls roll all over the place when working with them.  A tip that was shared to stabilize the balls from all of that rolling was to simply place them into a small bowl.  Done deal.  Ball stabilized.

A ball winder takes care of the stabilization because it makes a "cake" ball rather than a round ball.  And the "pulling" of yarn comes from the center, NOT the outside.

As with any search ..... MANY Do-It-Yourself sites flooded my search results.

AND,  some super straight-forward instructions on DIY Ballwinder were found -- of course I was going to give it a try.

 -- a center-pull ball of yarn..... that was just a wee bit too tight. 

Lesson learned:  Start winding looser, Amy!

Of course, just as with a new skein of yarn, after a bit of crochet, the center starts emptying  --- problem solved.

Naturally, when I tried my second ball.... the results were MUCH better because I started wrapping the yarn around the tube much looser at the start.

 So now...although I really really really still want a new gadget to play with....

I really don't need one.

{{And I can used the saved $$ to buy more yarn, right??}}


Anonymous said...

bought one from China, works a treat and free postage , third of the price

Andee said...

:) I did some knitting tonight...wanted to work on the socks, but they just require so dang much another dishcloth while watching Seal Team 6! Happy crocheting!

Marly said...

What a brilliant idea to be able to pull yarn from the middle of a self-wound ball. If you didn't buy the ballwinder what did you wind the yarn on?
When I use bought yarn that's already wound I always start from the middle of the ball so I have the label handy, in case I need to buy more. I've never thought of winding yarn I've pulled out, or spun myself so that I could pull from the middle of the ball.

Pat said...

I have been looking at the winder at it is $19.99. I have never used one, as I have always rolled balls by hand. I am also looking at making an Amish yarn swift for the hanks of yarn I purchased.

Pat B in "will the snow/winter ever end" Minnesota