Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guilty Pleasures!

Sorry folks, but my life has been put on standby! My 8th grade girls.....I tell ya! Those girls have me HOOKED and OBSESSED with this series. I have been VERY dutiful during my working hours at school to ensure I had NO HOMEWORK to take home every night, solely so I can read, read, read!

Sure enough, Monday morning, I hit up my "Twilight-groupies" to see if anyone could loan me a copy of book 2 - New Moon. Whew......THANKFULLY a student did! SO, Monday night, until midnight, I read, read, read, and almost near finished it!

So, Tuesday rolled around, and I was "hunting down" a copy of book 3 - Eclipse all day long. FINALLY, at the end of the day, the rumor spread enough, that another girl (not quite in the "groupie-bunch" came to loan me her copy. Ya see, most of the "groupie girls" have a copy of book 3, but many of them are still reading it too. So, Tuesday night.....I read, read, read :0) *duh* However, by 9:45 my eyes were SADLY closing due to my late night the night before.

Yesterday rolled around, and I hunted down a copy of book 4, THINKING that I'd be finishing up Book 3 and I wanted to continue right away. However, I actually decided to join real-life for a little while and worked on putting a puzzle together with Cassie. So, I only was able to put about 2 hours worth of reading in last night........

However, I am expecting a copy of book 4 to hit my desk today from the same girl who loaned me book 2. She is still in the process of reading book 3, but I ASSURED her, I would finish 4 before she finishes 3! :0)

Anyway-----needless to say, I have done NO QUILTING. My life shall return to normal soon, though :0) Honestly....I don't know HOW readers could wait for the next books to come out if they were reading them once directly published!

Happy Thursday!


scraphappy said...

Now that my eyes are open to the twilight series, I have seen my students reading them all the time. They tell me they are very good and I should read them too. Maybe I'll see if I can get my hands on some copies over Christmas break. I will not succumb before then. I just don't have time for any new obsessions right now! I will be good - I am capable, I promise. I do love it though when I "discover" a series that already has several books published -- I don't have the patience to wait for them to trickle out one by one.

Dawn said...

They are addicting..that's for sure!