Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pay it Forward, 2009!

With the Christmas Cheer still strong in my being, I have decided to join the "Pay It Forward" fun with Carol (at the Cornfield Quilter; and she with Lurline) so if any of you would like to join me, leave a comment to join. There is room for three of you! Come and join the fun!!

The "Pay It Forward" rules

  • Three people will be chosen to participate when they leave a comment on this post asking to join. (The first three will be chosen).
  • You are agreeing to post a similar announcement on your blog, and Pay It Forward to three more people, who will in turn agree to Pay It Forward to three other people, etc.
  • You will create a hand-made item for your three people sometime over the next 12 months

Here's how it'll work.......
Lurline (Carol's "leader") is going to send Carol and her other participants one handmade item sometime in the next 12 months. Carol, in turn, will send one handmade item to each of the three participants who signed up with her (I'm one of them), withing the next 12 months. I, in turn, will send one handmade item to each of you (MY participants). YOU, in turn, will send out a hand-made item to each of your three participants, and so on.

I know how busy life can be, but please consider sharing some of your talent with the rest of the world. Mathematically speaking (you KNEW this was coming --- hey I'm a Math teacher!)'s the number of people to be "affected" with the Pay it Forward....

Level 1: I give to three (3 ppl affected)
Level 2: Each of you three give to three NEW people (9 NEW ppl affected; 12 total lead from my saying "yes")
Level 3: Each of those 9 give to three NEW people (27 NEW ppl affected; 39 total)
(one more line, grabbin' a calculator)
Level 4: Each of those 27 give to three NEW people (81! NEW ppl affected; 120 total--just for saying YES!)

What a beautiful example of exponential growth!!!!
Equation: t(n)=3^n + 3^(n-1), with n = level #.
(giggle)---Hope you followed that!

I am looking forward to this and to meeting new people. Won't you join me????


Cornfield Quilter said...

Thanks so much Amy! I was getting worried that no one would sign up. It will be fun and we have a whole year to do it!
Hope you had a great Christmas. :D

Julie said...

Hi, Amy. I signed up with Cornfield Quilter since she was looking for one more. If you don't get your three (and I'm sure you will) then I will play with you too.
I did this once before and Angela was one of the ones who played. I barely "knew" her then. LOL

Lurline's Place said...

Looking forward to the whole PIF thingy - good on you!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Amanda said...

Well, why not!! Count me in Amy, it should be fun and I'm all full of enthusiasm for everything now it's the New Year!!

Andee said...

Posted the info for PIF on my blog but forgot to comment you! Doing things backwards, so looks like I am number 3 for your PIF!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Nope Andee---you are my number 2 (along with Amanda).
Julie and I are signed up with Cornfield Quilter; and Lurline is Cornfield Quilter's "leader".
Still patiently awaiting one more person :0)

Grandma Shell said...

Oh, OK LOL! Does this make me #4 or did you already get another one to join? Does this go to the four in the group? Like what sort of "something" are we talking? I'm sure I'll have more questions, I've never done this before.