Friday, December 12, 2008

1000 apologies!

My goodness golly! No genuine excuses here other than simple "different priorities" over the past two weeks.

I AM sorry that my postings (and checking in on others' postings, for that matter) have been so non-existing over the past two weeks. My followers know that LAST week it was due to my obsession with Stephanie Meyer's Twilight saga; this week---well, it's PART due to Twilight (a sorta-kinda 5th book posted on her site) AND new book "my girls" have recommended (The Hunger Games) which I'm still not so sure about----I'm only a chapter into it. AND then on top of all of that, I HAVE been faithful to a certain extent towards my C'mas project responsibilities AND I have also needed to take two evenings to put a "rough draft" of a quilting class together since my school's Community Education Coordinator wants me to teach one and the deadline for brochure printing is Monday. SO----I needed to put a top together to have a sample photo, AND to get an idea of how many sessions/duration of each session will be needed.

So----my evenings have usually ended around 11:00 - 12:00 the past two weeks, and I just haven't been putting "blogging" in the top 5 "things-to-do" lately. Please forgive me---I WILL be checking in with everyone tomorrow night for sure! I'm making it a date!!!!

Oh!!!! Speaking of date!
My husband is taking me out tonight to dinner and a movie.
alright, alright---so I kinda TOLD him he was----he didn't really ask

What movie, you ask????? *chuckle*
AS IF you need to ask!!!

Yup....."Twilight" again, now that it's in the theater in OUR town (tiny little blip on a map, so we never get the big movies until a couple of weeks after debut). Yeah---I went to the movie last weekend with my babysitter, traveling down to a city 30 miles away, paying $7.75 per person. Our theater only charges $6.00, and I suppose it's only fair ????

Anyway----so I am off to pick up the babysitter. We have a new girl (sweet little Freshman) lined up tonight; not old enough to drive, so....... Cassie is excited to "meet someone new"; the other two don't really know what to think. They don't understand why Nikki (normal babysitter) isn't coming........

Happy Friday!


scraphappy said...

No need to apologize for your absence. We all know what busy looks like. I'm looking forward to a Christmas Twilight marathon, but I am quite smug about having waited this long. You are definitely in the home stretch now, just two weeks till Christmas and less than that to Winter break.

Anonymous said...

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