Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ugh---The bug showed it's ugly face!

Yup--it WAS inevitable!

I know all of you were hoping for me NOT to end up with the bug, but come on.....after playing nurse to three vomiting girls for the past week, there was NO WAY of avoiding this beast!
Ugh--I promise not to whine and moan too much, but I simply can not STAND that ewwy nausea feeling! It's been a night of tossing & turning & moaning & ......well, ....... visiting our bathroom on more than one occasion. I can't even really tell you if I slept at all.

I know different parts of the world have different "remedies" for soothing ill individuals and getting them back on their feet. I grew up with sipping on "Sprite" or "7up." Both are clear carbonated drinks; lemon/lime flavored. Most people say to avoid Coca-cola or other "dark" sodas, however, there was one time when I drank some Coke and I felt better very shortly after that. I suppose that makes a bit of sense since there have been documentaries on Coke "eating through" an American penny and different types of metals. What bug would stand a chance? We have some 7up on hand because of the past week, thank goodness! Typically, we don't have soda in the house---gosh! I'm gonna be one of "those moms" that never allows her children to drink pop! *chuckle* Nahhh....it's just too expensive, and my girls would rather drink Milk or water.

Anyway, so today will be a lounging day. The Cathedral Stars is almost ready for quilting. Backing was pieced last night before wrapping up at 9:00. When I came upstairs, DH was amazed I had called it an "early night." I wasn't feeling well already; tired and drained. I guess my body was already preparing for what was coming.

I have had some wonderful response to my Quilter's Block request. I will spend some time this morning playing around with drawings in a notebook as well as some research online for some motifs. IF I finally find myself with some energy and not feeling I need to stay curled up in the fetal position, I'll make my way downstairs to put the sandwiches together.

I think there will definitely be a much needed nap coming later, too.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Ila said...

Once upon a time pharmacists sold Coke syrup, the syrup base before carbonated water is added, for nausea, so you aren't crazy for thinking you felt better. I've also used Jello, drink it before it sets up. My theory is it helps replace carbs to boost energy, and the Jello trick adds a small amount of protein, too. Just be sure you serve it up in a wide-mouth container in the event that it isn't totally consumed before gelling :o)

Nice Cathedral Stars!

Hope you feel better soon.

Julie said...

I'm so sorry it got you too. Well, at least the worst of it is over.

Cornfield Quilter said...

How awful to be sick over your Christmas vacation! I had the bad cold and cold sores but no vomitting. :( Coke is always my remedy though, it always makes me feel better and gives me a little more energy. Glad now that all of you are on the way to feeling better so you will have a great New Year!!!

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry that the lurgy caught up with you; hopefully you're so fit that you'll recover quickly, and be able to enjoy the rest of your holiday. My family remedy is Lucozade; the only problem is that I can't bear to drink it on any other occasion because of the associations!

scraphappy said...

I don't know if inevitability is a curse or a blessing. You know it is coming, but it doesn't make trying to avoid it any less likely. I'm glad the worst is over.

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