Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Playing hookie & Quiltmaker magazine

Yup..yup....I'm a bit "under the weather" today. Don't get me wrong----I could have made it through the day without bending too far over backwards, but they way I figure---why spread even the simple "head-cold" germs around when I have sick days to spend??? So, I'm kickin' back with my feet up today, reading another book recommended by my 8th grade girls----actually I just finished it. "The Hunger Games". 'Twasn't as good as "Twilight", but still held my interest to the final page.

I received a message from the Quiltville group wondering if a photo submitted to the "sew and tell" page of Quiltmaker was a quilt made by me. We emailed back-n-forth a few times so I could get a description of it, and SURE SHOOTIN! It's the Ramblin' Aunt Sukey pattern I made for Cathy back in August. I submitted the photo via email in October to the magazine, and received a "Thank you " email in return, but I never was given the impression they were going to print it. Huh! Kinda cool, yet, makes me wonder a bit. Now I need to get to newsstands to get a copy of the magazine to read the fine print. I recall not too long ago when Bonnie was a bit frustrated with some "Copyright" issues, and I'm no where near that upset or livid, YET I am a bit saddened that the magazine didn't clearly inform me they were printing it. I ordered a subscription to the magazine, but it obviously hasn't begun yet since I have not received the Jan/Feb issue, so this "self-publication" would/could have completely gone unnoticed. And THAT is was saddens and frustrates me.

Okay....enough about that.

Last night was a visit to the Public Library. Santa makes an annual trip to the library to read "T'was the Night Before Christmas" to the kids and then the good ol' classic of sitting-on-lap-sharing-Christmas-gift-wishes.

Even Candace was courageous enough to have a picture taken with Santa.

Okay----'tis lunch time, and afterwards, I'm contemplating whether to take a nap, or to head downstairs for some hopeful "non-guilty" sewing.

Happy Tuesday


Amanda said...

How lovely to see a proper 'sitting-on-Sant's-knee' photograph. When Christopher was playing Santa at his niece and nephew's school last week the children had to sit on a seat next to him to have their photograph taken, he wasn't even allowed to put his arm around their shoulders. Huh!! Child safety gone mad!

scraphappy said...

How adorable are those girls on Santa's knee? I am in envy of your mental health day, only two more two hour exams 'till I am done for the semester. I might poke my nose in on Thursday and Friday, but I have no official responsibilities. Sounds like a good time to dive into the the Twilight series myself. I am still patting myself on the back for holding off so long.
Excellent work on getting you picture published in Quiltmaker! I'm sure they will credit it as Bonnie's pattern and take care of the copyright issues -- it was a pattern from their magazine after all.