Sunday, December 14, 2008

I - AM - DONE (and then some...)

It's official! All anticipated Christmas gift quilts are now completed! Pieced, quilted, bound, and labeled!

One last time, I will walk through the list.....

Masha's Wonky Nines. Started August 18th; Finished November 9th. I had 4 blocks left over, so I whipped up an 18" pillow for her today, and I CAN NOT believe I didn't get a picture of it..DUH!

Andre's Out of this World . Started: October 5th; Finished November 24th.

Isaac's My Blue Heaven. Started: October 16th; Finished: November 9th.

Jan's Family Gems. Started: October 25th. Finished: December 7th.

Patti's Christmas Stockings. Started AND Finished November 26th. (Yeah---THAT was a fast quilt to make!) When I made it, I didn't have anyone special in mind---I just wanted to "have fun" piecing. One thing lead to another, and the quilt was complete!

Scot's CountryView Camo. Started: November 11th; Finished: December 14th. The story behind the name: Scot is DH's boss, and his company's name is CountryView Log Homes----so it fit nicely to the Camo quilt :0)

Ron's Old Tobacco Roads. Started: August 29th. Finished: December 14th.

Derek's Storm at Sea. Started: September 14th; Finished: December 14th.

AND----I EVEN have been able to finish the top (Class Act)for the Quilting Class that I have been asked to offer, as well as a supply list and cutting list. The deadline for the description is tomorrow and I've been able to put that together. The "finer points" of what will be taught can be figured out later.

So....there ya have it! All are wrapped up and under the tree except for Ron's and Derek's. I need to find some boxes at school tomorrow that will fit them.

NOW, Cathedral Stars is looming on the horizons; 126 4-patches are already made. I can't wait to see that one come together!

Happy Sunday!


Andee said...

WOW what lucky gift recipients you have! Congrats on getting it all done.

Julie said...

You lazy slacker you. Is that all you have done? You need to get some motivation girl. Get off the couch and get busy!!! LOL Actually - that is me talking to myself, not you.

Amanda said...

Wow, that is amazing. You've worked so hard on getting these ready, I just hope the recipients realise how much hard work goes into each one. So what will you do for an encore next year?

scraphappy said...

The only problem with getting so much done for Christmas this year is that you are setting the bar WAY too high for years to come. Also, you are making the rest of us look bad. Can't wait to hear more about the class coming together. I bet it will be loads of fun to teach. The students will definitely be more motivated than your usual bunch.

Candace said...

They are all beautiful, and you didn't pick easy patterns. Congratulations on a major accomplishment.