Sunday, December 14, 2008

Runnin' (?) in a winter wonderland......

Finally, mother-nature has decided to have our landscape look like winter :0) I was (still am?) planning to get together with a couple of ladies to run 2 miles at 2:30 today.....but....well.....Those are some HUGE flakes coming down right now!

Scot's camo quilt (officially called Countryview Camo with DH's assistance) was completed yesterday; label yet to be added today. Tonight will showcase a final pic.

Ron's Old Tobacco Roads quilt's binding was just completed 5 minutes ago; label already sewn on; all that remains is to fix the corners, which will be next on the list once I finish the blog update.

Derek's Storm at Sea quilt is half quilted, using a "wave-like" vertical meander. That will be next on the list after OTR corners. I hope to check ALL the C'mas quilts off the list by the end of the day, with a Grand Finale slideshow tonight on my blog.

So...then....without further ado.....time to get stitchin'!
Happy (snowy) Sunday!

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scraphappy said...

Oh goodness, that's a lot of snow on the ground! I guess I shouldn't gripe about having to wear long sleeves to caroling yesterday. I can't wait to see the grand finale pictures of all the Christmas projects. I honestly thought you must be crazy, but you managed to get it all done.