Saturday, December 20, 2008

A UFO is finished; new projects too :0)

Today started to be a "putz" day for me, tidying up the sewing area after creating all the Christmas projects and NOT having cleaned up between any of them. And, while tidying, I came across a huge bag of pinned fabric that my MIL had given me months ago for me to quilt up for her. They are "make-shift" table runners that she made up using some fabrics she got on clearance somewhere. I have no idea how that bag could have gone "forgotten," but it did, and I feel bad that I haven't gotten them back to her.

So-----for a couple hours this morning, I practiced some FMQ; standard stipple, star meanders, heart meanders, and then I call this one the "star-ripple." I like this "ripple" look and haven't done it before, but sure will start using it more often! I still have a stack of "practice runners" to go yet, but lunch break took me away from my machine.

After lunch, I was still motivated to be in "quilt-mode," but not for the table runners anymore. So, I saw Andrea's Garden hanging over the back of a spare bed downstairs and figured....sure! It was time to finish up a UFO! After about an hour of prep, it was under the machine, "RIPPLE" quilt pattern, of course. I was able to quilt mostly uninterrupted since Candace had fallen asleep and the other two kept themselves "busy" with a movie and their Littlest Pet Shop collection.

A few hours later, with binding sewn on, a UFO sees a finish! (Almost---label yet to be added, but that will come later when I have some more waiting for labels).

Last Saturday, I visited the LQS for show-n-tell of the Christmas projects. Deb (owner) loves it when customers bring in finished projects----she was quite amazed (as many) how I get so much accomplished being a mom and teacher, but......well......I'm no different than anyone else. Quilting is a priority to me; almost like "mental exercise" that is so important; so I use whatever time I have available to keep that one of the top priorities of my life (right up there with family)!

Anyway---as always, I only had intentions of buying maybe a few FQ's, but she had this wallhanging up in a corner, and I LOVED IT! AND----it was only $38.99 for a 54"x54" project, and I couldn't resist--I bought it! Here-n-there throughout the week, I've been piecing it together; most of it being pieced on Tuesday when I was home "sick." I put the final borders on this morning before I decided to tidy up, and it now awaits quilting. Hmmm....maybe tomorrow. This wallhanging will find a final home on the wall above the piano, which right now hold a SMALL 12"x15" family picture, OUTDATED!


Cornfield Quilter said...

I have been loving all the quilts you have been posting and you amaze me! Keep the eye candy coming, you are a true inspiration!
Merry Christmas hugs to you!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Andrea's Garden is just lovely.

scraphappy said...

The ripple quilting is very nice, it looks like it would go quickly. I'll have to try that one. Way to go on finishing off Andrea's Garden! Can't wait to see what you manage to get done with an actual holiday on the horizon, you put the rest of us to shame even when you are working full time.