Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas (almost...)

I'm sitting at my parent's house, watching DH, Caitlyn, and Grandpa all "resting" on the couch; Grandma is relaxing with a book in the glider, sister is sorting pieces of her newest puzzle, Brother and SIL are snuggling up in the recliner with DB's new OTR quilt, Candance, Cassie, niece and nephew are all sifting through the little trinkets in their stockings.....and I wanted to take a moment to send E-Christmas Wishes to everyone out there!

We made the 3 hour drive to my parent's last night, arriving just after 10:00 pm. After witnessing two vehicles in the ditch along our journey, we knew we needed to relax and take our time. After being doused with 3 fresh inches of snow throughout the day, roads were passable, but still tretcherous. Naturally, the girls all fell asleep with 20 miles to go, so when we arrived and carried them out in the bitter cold air, they were awakened with LOTS AND LOTS of new energy!!! Specially since Cousin Lindsay and Zach had been waiting so patiently since 7:00 for our arrival! But, finally at 11:10 pm, I FORCED all kids to get to bed. By 12:00, they were all finally sleeping, so Aunt Jen (my sister) and I could stuff the stockings. My family chose to celebrate Christmas this year on Christmas Eve.

SADLY, at 5:15 am I was awakened by the little patter of footsteps BOLTING to the bathroom, followed by the ever familiar sound of .... well, without getting too graphic... a "sickly" child at the toilet. (SIGH) Dear Catilyn caught a bug, and the tiny microscopic beast chose this morning (of ALL mornings) to pay a visit. Every 10-15 minutes, lil' Caitlyn found herself in front of the toilet :0( At one point, she simply dragged herself to the bathroom and plopped down on the floor and rested her chin on the edge of the rim. It broke my heart. Specially when she said "Mom, I want to play with everyone else. Can't you give me some medicine?" At 9:30, we allowed the other kids to open Stockings while Caitlyn FINALLY found some peace with a short nap, and once she woke at 10:00, it appears the bug left. She has been able to join in all festivities since then---Thank goodness. Now, of course, all of us are wondering who and when the bug is going to hit next. Oh well----at least it's vacation time!

LOTS of goodies under the tree today for all. I was gifted a big box of "scrap" fabrics from my SIL and can't wait to get them cut up for a new project. I'm still thinking of Bonnie's Perikomen Dreams, so.......*rubbing hands together*...I can't wait. We (okay, mostly me) were also given a new digital camera and I have been snapping away all day. I am on Grandpa's laptop, however, so all pics will await until I return back home on Saturday.

OH!!! And, of course, my mother gave me the first two books of the Twilight saga, so now I can return book 1 to my student :0) I'm reading it for the third time -- I will be loaning my copies out to my siter since I have her so intrigued. She can't believe I'm reading it yet again!

Tomorrow is Christmas, and we have absolutely nothing planned, except rest and relaxation, and LOTS of playing with the new Christmas gifts. Friday will be a venture to DH's sister's, where we will be taking a Family Sleigh Ride, with dinner and gift opening to follow. We will then either return home Friday late OR be making the drive back home Saturday morning.

I know these words are shared numerous times at this time of the year, but truly, truly, truly.....Have yourself a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Be safe, relax, give your family members extra hugs and kisses, and as always.....Have a Happy Day!

Merry Christmas!


scraphappy said...

Oh my, what a terrible day to be visited with a stomach bug. Especially with cousins and toys beckoning! I am glad she was able to join in on some of the merry fun. I can see the wisdom of having your own copies of the Twilight series. I've borrowed mine from the school library and I'm already dreading having to take them all back when school starts again. Have you read the begining of number 5 yet? I haven't checked yet, but I've been told that it is available online.

Candace said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas except for poor Catilyn's thankfully, brief illness. I hope that no one else gets it, and you enjoy the rest of your visit and have a safe snowless drive home. I'll bet your BIL loved his OTR. I hope he realizes how lucky he is. I still haven't started mine.

Julie said...

I hope you made the drive home without anyone being sick. Poor little Caitlyn.