Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Friday

Although it was a "short week" at work, whooo-weeee! Around 1:30 today, I was feeling the toll from the week! I was crashing and could have probably used a good shot of caffeine, but wasn't able to get my fix! ;0)

It's not that this week was too much out of the ordinary (except for the parent-incident on Tuesday--which, BTW, I have done an adequate job of TRYING to let it roll off my back.
Candace's pre-school class has been learning about "P" this week, so they wore PJs on Thursday. Cassie had her "Destination Imagination" meeting on Thursday until 6:00. Caitlyn----nothing too special about her. {{**giggle**....just reread that after posting. Poor Caitlyn! Of COURSE she's SPECIAL! There just wasn't anything special about her schedule this week}}

Oh yes....and most of my morning today was spent on the phone with another parent---all GOOD this time. I have a VERY unique section of advanced Math 7 students----they are a DREAM to teach. Seriously----there was a day last week when I finished my planned lesson with 20 minutes to spare. I jokingly said..."Ahh...well, I suppose I can pull out a Pre-Calculus lesson." The response......"OH YES! Please! Can we?!?!?!?!?"

They soak it up and keep wanting more!!!! Anyway, working together with one parent, the gifted-talented coordinator and myself, we are trying to come up with some "unique" scheduling for some of these students who could test out of Algebra. It's a good amount of work on my end; writing assessment; writing independent student-contracts.....but I'm not ABOUT to take away the passion and desire these students have for Math!


We're expecting company in the form of BIL (DH's brother), SIL, Niece and Nephew. The girls are OVERLY excited that "the cousins" are coming; their rooms didn't need too much tidying other than stripping the beds to wash the sheets. The rest of the house has been tidied; dinner has been eaten and now we're relaxing with "BOLT" the movie on the Disney Channel.

DH should be home momentarily from grocery shopping. (Yes, I do love my husband when he takes care of this icky task!!!) I DID do my job though of giving him a list of items needed for the weekend meals.

I do hope to get some time on my machine(s).
I REALLLY should get the quilting done on Blue Ridge Beauty. I don't know if Red Blossoms will see much work this weekend, because I really need to get going on Raven Stars. Additionally, RRCB has found a new light and I'd like to keep pushing on that project.

So.....plenty to do :0)


Amanda said...

It's so wonderful when you get a particularly keen and talented group. I had a similar Year 4 group one year and every Friday morning was set aside for me to work with them on problem solving exercises whilst the Teaching Assistant looked after the rest of the class, and I had such a rewarding time with them. Have a great and refreshing weekend.

scraphappy said...

Sounds like all is well at school right now despite one ornery parent. We all have those from time to time regardless of how long we've been teaching. The students make it all worth it though and it sounds like you have a great group of those this year. Enjoy your company! I'm sure the sewing will wait patiently until things settle down again. Happy weekend!!!!!!