Monday, February 14, 2011

Another run!

Yup...ran again today. The weather was still nice; just wish the sun would shine a bit more. The mean clouds keep hiding it from the rest of us :0(

I found this image and found myself asking me the same posed question: Why do I start running and then why do I continue; or sadly, over the past two years.....why have I stopped?

I started running in 2002 to get in shape.
I continued running in 2003 to continue getting in shape, but then addiction completely took over! I needed to run! I needed to improve my race times. I needed to be fit. But...yeah...those race times! When I ran training runs and races, my mind was a whir of math calculations.....'how many miles to go? how many miles have I gone? what time? what's my split? how many calories have I eaten? how many miles do I have to run to burn off those calories?" It's quite crazy thinking back to that year. Complete obsession with fitness!

Then I continued....just cuz....over the next couple of years, only not so obsessed; but took a break for Candace's birth in Jan 2006. Once I started running post-pregnancy, I planned out my summer and fall races; ran my first half marathon; ran my first marathon!
2007 was a renewed year with big goals! Once again, I ran some half marathons; ran a PR at 2:11:10; ran another marathon and achieved another PR of 4:59.
in 2008, I backed off, but still ran and had decent mileage.

Running started disappearing from my life! 54 miles in 2009, and only 24 miles in 2010!!!! OMGoodness! Life took over; quilting jumped up on my 'wanna do' list, and then....volleyball hit during the big running season!

So...the good news: I've already matched 1/4 of the totals miles tracked last year just in my four days of running!
The bad news---but I WILL persist---it's gonna take some time for my legs and lungs to remember what it takes to get and stay in running shape!

Happy Monday


Ann Marie said...

One step at a time, and you can and will get back to where you once were.

Andra Gayle said...

Good job, Girl! I should be running along behind you....

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

So true! Good job getting out there again yesterday. Tomorrow is supposed to be around 40 so I plan on getting out and walking (since it's my day off). We're also going to get new shoes...mine have no treads left in the middle! Yikes!