Monday, February 21, 2011

I live in Wisconsin; we expect snow through April...

If you follow any blogs of those of us in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas, you may have already read..."We have snow.....again." After such BEAUTIFUL temperatures last week! Remember my running posts? (Run 1 | Run 2)

The original forecast said we were to get snow Saturday night. As always, the meteorologists were paid to be wrong. {I wasn't complaining!}

Then all day yesterday, I was just a-waitin' for the snow to start. Again.....nothing! Although just 30 minutes south, the snow was falling and falling plentifully.

Then this morning.....yeah; winter-wonderland all over again. I don't think I'm complaining because it IS pretty out there AND I don't need to go anywhere today. As a coworker said on Saturday...."We're gonna get robbed of another snow day." (since we have a Holiday today, there is no school). Watching news this AM, our area has a seasonal average of 55" of snow; we've had 72" already. The record: 76". Think we're gonna make it??? And what's absolutely amazing me: with ALLLLLL of the snow we've had, we haven't had a SINGLE snowday! All of the storms have hit over the weekends.

I AM thinking of the Northeastern states of the nation though. If this is yet another system that makes its way that-away (which I don't think it will; it's traveling northeast from us), the Northeast is already hurting on days allowed off of school :0( I'm thinking of you Nancy!!! Andra also spoke about having had too many snowdays because she needs to work today. However, when I looked at her profile, not remembering where she was at, it listed....New Mexico??? Andra? Am I missing something? ;0)

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Patchwork Penguin said...

awwwwwww thanks for thinkin' of me. I'm patiently waiting the call for a 2-hour delay.... not wanting another snow day.... it would be added to June.

Enjoy the snow!