Friday, February 18, 2011

Something a little different..

Flippin' through the stations, I came across "An evening with Eartha Kitt." I knew of her as an actress, but much of her career was not known to me. Wow....this past hour as been amazing and she really shared a lot of wisdom from her years about what really is important.

Something she said that I can only paraphrase here because I don't remember the exact words.......if you're in it for quick success, you're in it for the money and all the wrong reasons. If you hold steadfast and live what you believe, the rewards will come.

Happy Friday! The weekend has arrived. Enjoy the time doing things you love to do and with those you love to be with!

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Amanda said...

Now I only know of Eartha Kitt as a singer and a flirtatious talk show guest, I never saw her as an actress.