Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday already? Rug update

Well....golly gee! Wednesday already!

When one isn't home over the weekend because she is visiting family and just "gettin' away," there isn't much to show in terms of quilting.


Progress has been made on the iCord rug. As I was taking the picture, DH had to sneak his big ski in. It sure gives a bit of reality to how much cord is needed to make a rug of a meager size. I thoroughly enjoyed the mindless cording this weekend; no school papers to grade or any school tasks for that matter. My hope and goal is to use up the remaining yarn from each bundle I have ... (is that what yarn packages are called? 'bundles'??) ... and to sew a rug together. However, the circular coil probably won't be chosen. Rather, an elongated, more "oval" rug seems best.....

Anyway...figured I needed to do a quick check in.

I AM looking forward to this weekend. No travel plans! DH is planning on attending an ice fishing contest on Sunday and might take some girls (maybe all?) with him. I've been given the guilt trip on joining in with the family....but quite honestly.....blah! Fishing in itself gives me NO PLEASURE and is SOOOOOOO NOT my thing! And then....add cold and ICE on top of that.....psht! NOOOO THANKS! Let me stay in my PJs....snuggle in my warm fuzzy socks....and run some fabric through my hands. THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

Happy Wednesday!


Charlene S said...

I agree completely!

Quilter Kathy said... fishing?!?! Run away and hide in your quilting room!

Laurel said...

Isn't the word for a bunch of yarn skein?

I'm with you on the ice fishing (and fishing itself). Too boring normally and then to be cold on top of it? No way!

Tracy said...

Stay strong...ignore the guilt trip! Hope you have a nice relaxing day!