Saturday, February 19, 2011

Non-quilty Saturday

So....two days ago, the conversation went like this....

Me: Caitlyn, if you want to attend Cadence's Birthday Skating party, your room and loft MUST get clean. Candace, if you want a playdate at Katrina's, your room and loft MUST get clean. Cassie, if you want to have a sleep-over, your room and loft MUST get clean.

Activity throughout the day yesterday was slow at best. By 2:00, I made the statement that all must be done by 5:00, or no one goes anywhere. By 4:00, LOTS still remained, so I started giving the "every 10-minute countdown." Once 4:45 hit, fractic movements were a'happenin' upstairs, and by 5:05 the vacuum was taking its last few swipes.

at 12:00 today, I dropped Candace off at Katrina's for her playdate.

And you obviously tell that Caitlyn spent the afternoon at Cadence's birthday party. It was kinda a last minute decision for us to join in at the skating rink, but Cassie's plans fell through, so we (I) thought it might be a nice "fix" for her to spend the afternoon skating as well.

Even in falling, Caitlyn and Cadence were inseparable. They giggled the day away! Come to find out, Caitlyn was the only classmate that was invited; all the other girls were cousins and church-going friends. Kinda surprised me, but these two are definitely BFF! ;0)

The quality of the pictures are much to be desired.

The rink is in Rice Lake, a city about 25 miles away and has been under new owners for a bit over a year. They are doing a nice job with the place!

No quilting today, but I hope to get some fabric moving through my hands tomorrow.
I am not setting any goals; whatever inspires me when I'm down there is what I'll work on.
One of my possible projects:
- Red Blossoms; work on borders
- Blue Ridge Beauty quilting on frame
- Raven Stars; work on next step
- RRCB step...ummm....5? whatever step the 600 HSTs is!
- UFO #10 (Scrappy Picnic)
- Midget blocks
- Maltese Star mystery step #6 (just posted yesterday)


Tracy said...

It's not just girls who need some incentive...I've just started enforcing my "No laundry gets done until your room is picked up" rule. One son is 24 and doesn't live here but uses on of the beds as his personal dresser and the other son is still at home but not much for neatness either. They've been starting to make noise about not having anything to wear. I'm wondering how long it'll take!

Gari said...

I remember those days. Kids can be so much "fun" sometimes and other times, too.

Becca Quilts said...

My mom's solution one time was to pull everything that was dumped some place where it didn't belong in my room (the extra bed, bookshelves, under the beds, closet floor, etc.) in a huge pile on the floor, make me sit in it, and take my picture. I was not happy - then I had to put everything away where it belonged.

Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

OMG, rollerskating was THE thing for birthday parties back in the day. I loved it. Sadly I don't remember when the last time I went was. Looks like everyone had fun.