Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pork Roast---tryin' something new.

Usually, I do the simple "set-it-and-forget-it" procedure when cooking pork or beef roasts. A couple of years ago, I was watching my mom prepare her beef roast (and NO, my mother is NOT a cook; just ask my husband!!!----I grew up with Mac-n-Cheese and Hamburgers) :0) But anyway....ya can't really screw up a roast in a slow cooker (unless you simply cook it too long!). She tore open a package of Lipton Onion soup mix, dumped it in her slow cooker, poured water in and let her roast take a bath for a couple of hours in the mixture. Tsha! Easy! And I've done it that way a few times since; enjoying the ease of the "recipe" (is it really a recipe when all you've done is dump in a dry mix????), and the flavor is perfectly fine for my taste. Plus, the seasoned "juice" is great to make gravy from.

Well.... :0(

Of the whole list of items I had DH pick up yesterday, I FORGOT to put Lipton Onion Soup mix :0(

Now, there IS a condensed Campbell's soup can of French Onion soup in the pantry, but I was strictly told "NO! I have plans for that!" {{for crying out IF the store doesn't stock more, right!?!?!?}}

BUT, not wanting to have a foolish tiff going with company here, I rummaged through the seasoning cupboard to see what goodies I could find to give this roast for tonight's meal some good flavor.

For Christmas 2007, my sister and BIL gifted my husband with a large box of Penzey Spices. Some of my favorites: Northwoods seasoning, Pork Chop seasoning, and Bicentennial Rub. After searing the meat in a HOT frying pan, I grabbed the Rub and gave the meat a good coat.

AND.....I grabbed this as well! I've never cooked with it; I think DH bought it for a recipe some time ago. But after opening it up and taking a whiff......YUMMMMMMY smoky smell!!! I knew I had to try it!

So, into the crock pot it went: 8 Tbls. I HOPE that's not too much with 8 cups of water!?!?! There wasn't much for directions on the bottle, and I didn't search online about it. {{I dunno! Have you ever cooked with it??? What can you tell me about this??}} This is a BIG pork roast!!!! I'm certain the flavor will be just fine, but always a little unsure about new "attempts"----specially when cooking for a BIL!!! ;0) **yikes**

Okay----we'll see. I've "set it" now.....time to forget it.

But I'm pooped! No interest to head back downstairs right now. However, I have a book waiting on the end table; I'm reading "Breaking Dawn" for the third time. I haven't read it for some time and I kinda forgot some of the details, so.....yeah....wanted to read it again.


Amanda said...

How brave to try something new when you have visitors! I've noticed that a lot of American recipes use soups as an ingredient, not something we do a lot in the UK. I think you can buy various rubs and mixes but I've never tried any of them, so many of them have gluten or dairy in that it's just not worth it. I hope your supper turned out really tasty.

Tracy said...

I just bought a Pampered Chef baking stone roaster and roasted a chicken in 1/2 an hour in the microwave( I had to buy a bigger microwave so the dang thing would fit, but whatever!)Anyway, it turned out amazing-the white meat was still moist-and I used the leftover meat for corn soup. But I used some kind of new spice, not knowing if it was good or not but it smelled good. That's always a good sign!

Linda said...

I use liquid smoke all the time for my briskets and hamburgers. We love it. My DH says my burgers are the best. I have never used it on anything but beef so I can't help you with the pork stuff...

Candace said...

Hey Amy, it sounds delicious and creative. How did it turn out.