Thursday, August 4, 2011

HSTs galore! And more 36-patches

Okay, okay. So the units in the picture don't look all that impressive, but yesterday for about 6 hours, I was organizing and pressing blues/neutrals, and cutting with the Easy Angle, and sewing LOADS of HSTs for Jamestown Landing. The units against the wall are in piles of 100, and I'm only half way done. All the string blocks are back there too, trimmed nicely (and correctly) to 4 1/2".

Around 2:00, I was pooped out of the blue/neutral combination, so I grabbed my Blue-n-Gold HSTs, and with Candace's help, I finished up what I had left in my L/E pile. I haven't counted yet, but I recall needing 556 B/G combos. Today might consist of quite a bit of HST pressing and dog-ear trimming.

Since I've moved the Blue-n-Gold quilt off the L/E list, I replaced it with the 36-patch blocks that Amanda (CrazyMomQuilts) is leading as a quilt-along. Truth be known.....I'm not big fan of 36-blocks. I hope something comes of this when I finish my planned 12 blocks, and I hope I won't regret breaking into the jelly-roll from Connecting Threads.


Patchwork Penguin said...

You've been busy.... again :o) I know what you mean about cutting into a jelly roll. I have a couple and hate to think about it... what if I don't like what I'm making?? So for now I just look at them and think how pretty they are on the shelf.

Ann Marie said...

oh yes HST's!!! I am glad someone else is out there just like me crazy wild and a sewing maniac!!! LOL

Andee said...

Well I am impressed because I know how much work that is...looking good! WHOOT WHOOT!

Candace said...

Looks impressive to me. Just from the colors I can tell it will be lovely. Also, I'm going by your previous quilts.