Sunday, August 7, 2011

A "poopy" Sunday....

No, no,'s wasn't a bad Sunday, at all!

I'm simply Poooooooooooooooooooped out!

3 miles this AM with Bethann. Again, she pushed me not to walk at all, and the run felt GOOD this AM. And in all actuality, my legs felt REALLY strong. OO...Ooooooo...Ooooooooooooh! AND....I broke 100 miles this AM! (with about 75 of them since July 1st alone). ;0)

And remember how I said the weather was beautiful yesterday morning and the forecast showed more of the same?? :/

At 11:00 AM, BOOOOMERS hit home :0( We were right on the southern edge of the line of storms and it appeared from radar that it was moving slightly north, so we gambled and headed to a lake 25 miles south of here.

I ADORE this picture of "Uncle Paul" and Hoyt. And you can see the darkening sky filled with storm clouds rolling in in the background, heading straight for us.

However, we did the best we could (for the LONGEST we could) until the rain showed up.

AND DID IT SHOW UP!!!!!!!!!! No pics of how fast it came in because all hands were needed on deck!

It wasn't too big of a deal for most of us since we were already wet----but poor Ryan hadn't quite made it in the water yet.



Bethann. See that beautiful (partly cloudy) sky!!!

Caitlyn and me

Candace and Bethann. This picture absolutely makes me smile----what big GRINS on their faces!

Gosh--Hoyt. I could eat him up! He's such a dang cutie and knows NO FEAR!

Chessa trying out the "spitting noodle trick" that "uncle Paul" taught them.

Paul, our captain.

And the kids did their best to torment Paul. It's hard to get the uppity-up on a 6'6", 230 lb goof ball! ;0)

And the "kissy-faces" returned today

But Paul better watch out, because his brother ......well...... THIS picture of Ryan is.........ummmmm.........**giggle**....

Sorry Ryan---that pic was simply too silly NOT to put on here! ;0)

I have a sink full of cucumbers waiting to be pickled. They were picked this AM after eating some breakfast while we were deciding what we all wanted to do. BUT.....well...... they may be spending the night in the sink with some ice cubes. I don't think I have enough energy to care about going through the steps of pickling tonight.

I CERTAINLY hope you are living life to its fullest! This weekend was fabulous with Bethann and Ryan!

Now, the countdown to the Marathon-relay with Bethann next weekend :0)


Andra Gayle said...

Girl, whatever it is you've got, you need to bottle it. Love your energy! Good luck in the Marathon relay!

Amanda said...

What wonderful family photographs. Our weather is very mixed at the moment too, but we had a lovely day last Sunday when we met up with the boys and their partners for lunch and were able to spend the whole afternoon together wandering around the grounds at a National Trust home nearby. This weekend though, torrential rain. I'm trying to get on top of freezing the surplus veg, but it's not very tempting to go out and pick in a thunderstorm!

Ellen said...

Looks like you had a blast! I love spending fun times with my family too. Congrats on breaking the 100 mile mark!!