Sunday, August 21, 2011

SMM and Saturday happenings...

Gimp-girl joined me downstairs for most of the afternoon while Paul kept the other two busy with chores/tasks/etc. Tscha....poor girl, huh??? :0)

With Caitlyn's trimming help, all of the Smith Mountain Morning 3.5" units were tackled today. LOTS of cutting this AM to make the star points!

All twelve of the brown star blocks were completed. {{Andee----you see your fabrics??????}}

And the sixteen blue star blocks have been pieced into rows, but this is the stage I'm leaving them for the day. LOADS completed though; can't remember the last time I sat and sewed for 8 hours. WOW!

So, let me catch you back up with yesterday's events.....

The day started with my 9 mile jog around the lake (Shell Lake, the lake our town is named after.) Start-to-finish, beach-back to-beach, it was actually 8.95 miles, but that's close enough to 9 for me! Initially, I wanted needed to run 11 miles according to my training schedule. Nine was enough for me though :0)

The temperatures were quite ideal! 52 degrees at the start (7:00 AM), and 74 by the end (~8:45 AM), according to the bank sign. WIthin my first three miles, I came across 6 different people, either biking, walking or running. One gentleman who I ran into shortly after starting (not even half mile into my run) was running in the opposite direction I was. Just before the halfway point around the lake, there he was again! He was also running the Lake Drive, just in the opposite direction. And THEN....shortly before returning to my starting point......there he was-AGAIN!!!! Obviously he was running faster than I was, and obviously running MUCH further than me! I was thinking about joking with him about how many "laps" he was planning....but decided to let it go. Not all runners care to be disturbed when running.

So, in the end: 8.94 miles (11:43/mile pace -- Total: 1:44:44). My goal for the day was to hold a 11:22 pace, so I was a bit off, although many of my miles WERE under that time. I simply took a couple too many walks towards the end again :\

Upon returning....

... I joined Paul out in the garden to pick beans.

Rather than help Ma and Pa, the girls spent their time in the boat, practicing their casting skills. Great caption: "What's missing from this picture??" :0)

Feeling a bit drained, I took a wee break on the computer before tackling the canning of the green beans.

In the afternoon, Nikki, our babysitter decided to spend some time with the girls before needing to head back to college. She's a GREAT kid!!!!!!!! What other 20 year-old would spend her Saturday just spending time with her babysitting kids?????

By the end of the day, after all the work and "toe" events......two lil' ladies were tuckered out. (Well, we ALL were to be completely honest!)

Short-n-sweet update :0)
And now.....Cass and I are going to try to beat the sprinkles and head out for a 2-mile EZ jog. She was all thumbs-up when I asked if she wanted to be signed up for the 5K our town has over Labor Day weekend. So....every 2-3 days, she'll be out with me doing 2- and 3- mile training runs.


scraphappy said...

I can see why y'all are tuckered out. SMM is looking fabulous! It has me hankering to start a new project, but I will be good instead. I do have it cut out and in a box, but it doesn't count as a UFO until the sewing commences. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. How many days of summer vacation left? Looks like heading back to school might give you a chance to relax.

Dee said...

Those stars are looking beautiful! I'm always amazed at how much you can get done in a day and now your running miles and miles on top of that. Good for you!

Andee said...

I do see my fabrics in there, glad some of them have found their way into a quilt top! LOL..I love trying to keep up with you--your posts are so motivating! I really want to go put the centers together at least...however I am not changing that quilting foot just yet so I can't do much piecing right now! Way to go!