Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm progressing!!! [2011 Running]

Tonight's 3.25 mile out-n-back. No walks, and in fact....I felt GOOOOOOOD! FINALLY! AND.....10:01/mile pace!!!! Where did THAT come from?

From the 2-3 hours of sleep last night?

From the wee "drugged state" I feel from my allergy meds?

From the 3 hour back-to-school shopping spree?

From the chicken strips for lunch?

From the amazing lunch company?

Me and my former Volleyball Captain, Lindsey

Lindsey reading the 'Transitions' quilt label

Lovely role model for my girls

From Cassie's and my 2 mile run LAST night??? Which, BTW, Cassie surprised me on! The first mile, I had us pacing right around 10:30, which made me a bit nervous since her last run with me was at ~12:00's. Then, at the mile-turn-around, after a short walk break, we started back up. And she kept pulling away from me! I tried to keep her reigned in, but she insisted she was "fine." SO......onward we continued at 9:00/mile pace! Sadly, about half mile down the road, we found ourselves walking MORE than what we wanted. BUT....... for good reason! Our neighbor just invited a new bull into his meadow. Normally, I don't pay too much mind to the cows in the pasture, but....I found it odd that his electric fence was OBVIOUSLY on! Tick-Tick-Tick-Tick.... There was no MISSING the fence noise. So....I peered around. And sure enough.........oooooo......MEAN looking fella! I swear his neck was bigger than his body's total girth. HUGE HUGE HUGE and a bit ..... unsettling. I tried getting us back to running after a short hill climb, but his head popped up right away. Nuh-uh! I was freaked! So, we walked until we cleared the meadow. Needless to say, I probably won't be running the 2-mile route again anytime soon. "You just take care of those ladies, Buddy. Earn your keep and I'll keep my distance."

tonight's numbers:
3.25 miles (10:01/mile for a total of 32:33). HR: 174 avg


Ann Marie said...

Good idea with the bull, because I am sure if he was charging, that electric fence probably wouldn't have done much at full speed, and with the adrenaline that would have been running through him.

Ellen said...

I really enjoy your posts about running. I know I can't run yet -too many years and pounds on me(I need to lose 20 of those suckers!) but I have been walking and who knows...maybe one day soon I might be able to run too! Thanks for all the inspiration!