Monday, August 1, 2011

Self Gratified [2011 Running]

With the Paavo Nurmi marathon relay less than 2 weeks away, and with a past weekend too full to fit in a long run, I knew that today or tomorrow NEEDED to see me putting some miles on my feet.

72 and very overcast when I woke at EIGHT o'CLOCK!!!!!!!! A bit late night last night, and many early mornings lately. Sprinkles started coming a bit before 9:00, but that didn't stop me and the girls from getting out to the garden to pick beans, cucumbers, peas, and the last of the raspberries (mostly.) Paul joined us for the last half hour once he realized he was going to be rained out for the day from work. So, as we were wrapping up the berry picking, I kinda hinted to Paul that I should head out for my 10-miler since the weather was actually decent for running. He didn't mind one bit.

So....11:00, I was lacing up. The first two miles showed no weather change: still right around 74 degrees and a constant, light rain. It was a wee bit muggy for breathing; still warmer than what I find as ideal, but I was still enjoying the run; specially running in the rain. Right around 1.4 miles, a kind-hearted good samaritan stopped along-side me and asked if I needed a ride. Once he admired closely observed my running apparel, GPS watch, visor, and hand-water-bottle, he realized....."oh! You WANT to be out here! But, are you sure you don't want a ride to town or back home?" With a polite smile and wave, I stepped back to the side of the road and got back into my cadence.

At about mile 2.5, the rain peetered off, and I started mentally chanting to time with my cadence, "do not break up do not break up do not break up." {{referring to the clouds, of course. The whole Jen and Brad thing---I gave up on that a LONG time ago :0) }} The LAST thing I wanted was to run the rest of the run through a sauna of steam rising from the asphalt as the rain attempted to evaporate in the forecasted warmer temps. My chanting meditation worked; the clouds remained, and the rain started up again near mile 7.

DEFINITELY my share of walks: I lost track but after uploading my run to the computer from my Garmin Forerunner 305, I counted my slow-paced spots: eighteen of them. **shrug** Oh well. That was a bit more than the anticipated 1.0mile run/0.1 mile walk plan, but that's alright. When I hit mile 6.55 (half of a half-marathon), I was clocking 1:15 which would put me right on with a potential 2:30 half-marathon time. Today's run (I THINK, but I'll have to double-check the race's elevation map) mimicked the hills that I'll be seeing on my half of the relay.....'s a possible goal.

And today's run officially blasted me past my TOTAL mileage from the last two years combined! Again, Bethann---I owe a lot to you to give me the push to get my butt going again!!!


scraphappy said...

Way to get that run in. No fair comparing to runs of the past, its all about where you are right now. Best of luck hitting the 2:30. I'm sure race day will give you the motivation you need to keep on running.

Andee said...

I am so impressed with your motivation to run..I am missing the exercise motivation gene these days. Did I ever tell you I used to run back in middle school and early high school? Loved it...have not really run since baby number one..really envious of you regular exercisers!