Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Swoopin' In....



School starts for students on Thursday; tomorrow is the final day of Teacher-Inservice, loaded with a full-day meeting.

My room is SOOOOOOO NOT ready!

I was "kindly" kicked out of the school at 9:00 tonight.......what?!?!? What happened to 11:30PM deadline (the typical cut-off during the school year).

Oh dear
Oh dear
Oh dear


That's out of my system....

In all honesty......
Thursday (First Day) is CRAZY for students; NOT a normal schedule AT ALL. It'll be kinda a "coast" day for the 7/8 Grade staff, so I think I'm set.
Friday (first "real" day) follows a normal schedule, and I THINK I'm mostly set for classes, syllabi, books, binders, first "fun" projects.....

And that'll give me the weekend to REALLY make sure I'm ready for Tuesday, the first "real-real" day :0)

On the garden-forefront:
We're DONE with corn. We decided to give our remaining corn away to friends/family.
We're DONE with beans. Anything that comes now will merely remain on the bushes.
We're DONE with cucumbers. Same as beans.
Tomatoes are slowly turning red; must peek at them tomorrow because I haven't seen them in three days. I don't know how our leaf-less babies are doing.....I wonder if the Septoria Leaf Spot is attacking again.....yup. MUST get to the garden before leaving tomorrow....just for a peek.
Potatoes.....no clue. Must ask Paul about those.
Ummm......carrots. Oh my word! I have no idea what Paul has in mind for them this year. Yet to come.
Onions....still in ground.
Melons.....still growing.


Quilting forefront:
At a complete standstill until life gets back on a schedule. LOL...yeah, you teachers out there know what I mean. Give me another week and I should be bringing quilting back into my schedule.

Family forefront:
Candace's Kindergarten openhouse: 5:00 tonight. Check.
Caitlyn's 2nd grade openhouse: 6:00 tonight. Check.
Cassie's 5th grade openhouse: 6:30 tonight. Check.
Dentist appts tomorrow: 3:30, 3:50, 4:20. Check.


Have I mentioned that I am SO GLAD I don't have volleyball on my plate right now?!?!?!!? {{The team is starting off great, BTW!!! 5-1 going into tonight's match! I'm their #1 Fan!!!!!}}

I miss summer already and will enjoy next June when it eventually gets here, but....
....in the meantime, I AM excited for what this new school year will bring!


Anonymous said...

Feeling the time crunch here too. Our open house is tomorrow. I was at school last night until 11:15 and then ran to Wal-mart to get last minute supplies. What would I do if Wal-mart was not open 24 hours?? Inservice all day today and then a "work day" tomorrow which will be so interrupted so many times I'll be lucky to get the folders stuffed for the students. Up to 24 students now. :( Good luck to all of you on Thursday! BTW - Loved Cassie's hair. Keep the white lie going with Candace. I'm not ready to see her hair to go yet either. Love Aunt Jenny

scraphappy said...

Ah, the abrupt sound of shifting gears. It is so nice to start on a short week. By the first "real" week you'll be sliding into the groove. Until then, best of luck getting it all done. Somehow they all show up on the first day whether we think we are ready or not. Have a GREAT school year. Summer will be back soon enough.

Judy D in WA said...

Don't forget to take a couple deep breaths every now and again! You are a busy lady. Things will be back to a "normal" soon. Have a fabulous first day!

Joanne said...

Happy to say I am not missing the chaos of this time of year. Or maybe I should say the school related chaos. All the best as you swing into your new "normal". Joanne

agnespat. said...

Oh you can smell it in the air when school is back in session. Everybody is excited to be back....how long will it last?? Been a while for me but the memories linger on. Best wishes for the coming year and much success. agnespat

Patchwork Penguin said...

Good luck this year!! So far things are going... well... they're going at school. It will be nice when we actually have a normal day schedule.


Infinity Quilter/Knitter said...

Hope you have a great school year! I was going to mention volleyball but didn't know if you missed it. Glad you're still OK with the decision. Hey, you didn't mention your running status. LOL

Have a great "fake" first day tomorrow!