Monday, August 8, 2011

Sunday evening fishing trip

After ALLLLLLLL the sun Caitlyn had yesterday, once we left the water in the afternoon to pack up Ryan and Bethann to send them on their way home, Caitlyn went up to Paul and asked, "Can we go fishing?"

So, after a small nap on the couch, Paul took his girls back out on the water for an evening of fishing.

Candace stayed home with me, but Cassie and Caitlyn enjoyed some more "Dad-time."

And they put the sun to bed this time. Only one fish caught, but Caitlyn didn't seem to mind when they got back home at 10:30. She WAS pooped out though! Hardly able to keep her eyes open. After a quick bagel w/Nutella, she was ready to crash.

Yeah....and our girl Candace. That girl has some of the doosiest sayings at the doosiest times!

[Yesterday, swimming]...
Me: HOYT!!!!!
Hoyt: WHAT AUNT AMY? {{we're shouting because we're a good distance away from each other in the water}}
Me: I FOUND A WARM SPOT! {{Hoty had been saying that to everyone all day on Saturday}}
....and without missing a beat....
Candace: I JUST PEE'd THERE! {{Even though she was a good 100meters away}}

[Later, after everyone was finished tubing and we were ready to motor back to the dock]
Candace: Dad. I have to pee.
Dad: {Places Candace in the water........}
Dad: [Moments later].....are you done?
Candace: Yeah. I farted too, did you see the bubbles?

LOL.....I love kids!

So, it's almost 8:30 and the girls are all still sleeping. I have no intentions of waking them. Lights were finally turned out at 11:00 pm, and after all that sun. Nuh-uh. I'll be a nice (smart) mom and let them sleep it out. I'm still a bit beat; we all over-dosed on Vitamin-D yesterday for sure! And.....**sigh**....poor Paul. He'll be working in full sun again today.

Okay----cucumbers-to-pickles: here I come. Working on a few loads of laundry too. And then, hopefully shortly after lunchtime, we'll be on the road to my parent's for the funeral tomorrow. My sister will be heading 'home' too, so we'll be able to chat a bit and I'll hand over some jams containers to her.

Quilting will hopefully commence on Wednesday!

Happy Monday everyone.


Miss 376 said...

Don't you just love kids. That's given me my good laugh for the day

Andee said...

I have always been a night owl, as is my mother and all there of my children....I saw the other day where you were waking the kids up for gardening or something and was like huh? in the summer? Now I know how night owls are made...we just sleep til we want to get up (since our mothers also sleep) and thus we are awake later in the day. This pattern is laid down early! Just saying...I have always wished to be a morning person. When we laid the floor Friday we worked til 1:30 AM then slept til noon and finished it off, heheheh!

Patchwork Penguin said...

I think the fish with the pink floaty vest is cute :o) Looks like everyone had a great day!