Sunday, August 21, 2011

Some final touches

Four quilts get 100% COMPLETELY marked off now.

Splendidly Marching Along and Transitions only needed labels to be complete. SMA will be sent to Alycia as soon as Maltese Star gets finished (my next to be loaded on the frame). Transitions will be in the hands of a new owner by the end of this week as she heads off to college.

Hopscotch needed binding; I had LOADS of this burgundy in my 2.5" strip drawer; NO IDEA where it was from???? But, used most of it :0) FINISHED!

Despite having had Roll, Roll Cottonboll marked off as" finished" in May, it still needed binding as well as a label even though it had been living on our bed :0). So, using some yellow and blue 2.5" strips from the's FINISHED!

Feels good having those putzy tiny finishing tasks DONE! ;0)



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What a great photo! You must have such a sense of accomplishment seeing all these recent finishes!