Saturday, August 20, 2011

A late supper delayed even longer

Oh....we did plenty today around the Skattebo-Ranch; but all of that will need to wait until tomorrow. I haven't uploaded all the pics from the day and simply don't have the heart or energy to edit them.


We ate a lunch late: 2:30. {{Paul made some homemade Cream of Broccoli soup---QUITE Da-LISH!}}

Therefore, we were destined to have supper late, too.

However....THIS lil' lady had other things in mind....

7:30 pm

She's not wearing the "Hello, My name is TROUBLE" shirt for nothin'!

7:50 PM

"So, tell me Caitlyn, what happened?"

Caitlyn: Well, Mom was making dinner, and we needed to finish up drying the dishes. Dad made us. I just finished drying a glass, and I was reaching for another dish. Somehow the glass was bumped and fell to the floor, breaking in lots of pieces. I jumped up, and cut my toe when I came down."

The on-call doc is a friend of ours, and I felt kinda bad having him come in for what COULD be something minor. But, thankfully, even he said it was a tough call....."it's one of those in-between lacerations. Too deep to ignore. But I think glue will work nicely."

An intern also came in for the ER-call. Quite surprised was I when "Intern Tim" came strolling in; he's a former student of mine. He took lead.....and glued the cut shut. SLICK! And quite a bit less painful than stitches!!!! Two thumbs up from this Mom.

8:45 PM
We made it home happy and safe; reheated dinner that had been covered up on the table when we headed to town, and finally sat down to eat.


Andee said...

Oh what a night...glad her toe is patched up and dinner was eaten too! I haven't sewn a stitch all day....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your toe Caitlyn! At least you got glue and not stitches like me - nothing for them to pull out. I also see you lost another tooth and can't eat corn on the corn. I really feel for you there. Don't worry. Pretty soon those teeth will grown in and you'll be able to eat everything. Looks like the rest of the family is hanging in there. I'll keep watch for news of Candace's loose tooth as well as everyone's first day of school. Love and miss you all - Aunt Jenny

Miss 376 said...

Ooh, not the kind of excitement you want. Looks like she coped very well. Hope it heals quickly

Ellen said...

Looks like the sliver removal from her foot earlier was just practice for what was to come!

scraphappy said...

Oh no, glad to hear that all was patched up with glue. Stitches on those little piggies would have been no fun at all. Sounds like an eventful day around there. Hope today is nice and calm to make up for all that excitement.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Ouch! Give it a kiss for me.... hope it feels better soon.

Glue???? Amazing how modern science is changing medicine.