Monday, February 20, 2012

Orca Bay Top done; Maltese Star quilted

Orca Bay (78"x87") {yet to be renamed?}

Another top completed that can be added to my "Tops Done" list on the side bar.

Maltese Star (63"x79")

And then, since Alycia sent some quilting mojo my way, I figured I'd actually spend some time finishing up the quilt that has been on my frame for the past month. This was from a mystery by Mystery Quilts 4 Military, mystery #24. Started: January 11, 2011. Hm.....wonder how long it'll take me to get the binding and label on this one :\ For now, my school work is calling...

OB Border options

Happy President's Day to everyone in the United States of America. Our school may not give us Martin Luther King Jr. day off of school, but we've usually had President's Day off....for the past few years anyway. (I don't think we do next year, however :\)

Yup! In the mood today! So I decided to start the morning by tackling the Orca Bay borders!!! Agh! One of the "B" words :0)

Above--Bonnie's suggested layout.
Below -- a layout I've seen a few ladies choose; and I think I'll be one of those ladies too. The design seems to "radiate out" more with the darker units in the inside of the border.

So, just doing some photo-decision-making before actually finishing the sewing. It's so much easier to make decisions when you can see what it would look like.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rummy, Speed, and Parcheesi

Admittingly so, I am avoiding heading downstairs for quilting. I'm simply not in the mood....

Instead, I have been teaching Cassie how to play 500 Rummy (a game with many variations), how to play Speed (another good 'ol fun time game with many variations!) and we've played a board game of Parcheesi.

Now, she is kicking back with sister Caitlyn to play the Wii, and I think I'll dive into one of my Kindle books.

Please don't be disappointed in me :) But quilting.....nope.....just doesn't sound good today.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Quilting ambition non existant


I'm here. Busy with life. Not busy with quilting.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something "quilty" to post, but for's just a "Hiya" and "Hope all is well."
School keeps me busy.
My family keeps my busy.
And all the technology, sadly, keeps me busy.

We've been dog-sitting this past week for a friend's Jack Russell. She's quite non-hyper for a Jack Russell, and I must's been nice to come home to a wagging tail every night.

Hmm....I wonder how much sweet talking we would need to do to Dad in order to land ourselves a nice, small "house-dog." ;)

The owner's are enjoying some vacation time in Las Vegas. We've sent a text here-n-there saying "Take your time coming back!" :0) The girls (and me) are in heaven.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A very lazy Sunday

YUP! The title sums it up!

We have my parents and niece & nephew up for a weekend of ice fishing. Cassie's final basketball tournament was yesterday, so once we returned from the school, the boys went out fishing and the rest of us found other "things" to do. My tasks were mainly school related....and relaxing. Today hasn't look much different, 'cept there wasn't any basketball, and the girls joined in with the fishing expedition. I spent one hour pressing HSTs for the Jamestown Landing leader-ender project in my sewing room, but.....that's 'bout it! Then, spent 2 hours napping.....and then a couple of hours writing tests and planning for the upcoming week.

Very lazy day.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rainbow Scrap 2012 & 2011; Orca Bay and Jamestown Landing

Yesterday was completely jam-packed with Basketball and shopping; thankfully Paul volunteered to drive us so I was able to complete most of my school planning while traveling to the game one hour out-of-town.

Today, however, was devoted mostly to machine time :0)

Since Angela posted a Mr. Linky for the 2012 Scrap Challenge, I chose to start the day with some green scraps. Two more Jack-in-the-Box blocks completed to join the red blocks from January; in addition to the "bonus triangle" squares that are being planned for a scrappy border on the final quilt.

When those were completed and scraps tidies up, I looked over at my design wall and frowned.

My wall hasn't been touched since the end of December; sadly I KNEW this was going to happen, too :( I set out to change that today!

After sitting back and staring at the wall for about 10 minutes, I finally said, "NOPE! A 3x3 doesn't work for me!" Therefore, I looked in my 2.5" scrappy squares bin to see what I had an excess of....
Another blue block, brown block and my first black block were pieced. Yes, Yes......a 3x4 layout is much more pleasing to my eye.

It was a chick-flick day in my quilting room! By the time I broke for lunch, I had completed "The Lake House" and "Maid of Honor." Sadly, I never got back to the Rainbow Scrap 2011 blocks once back downstairs after lunch.

Instead, my Orca Bay kept staring at me everytime I walked back to my sewing room. After seeing Andee's progress, I knew if I just tackled piecing the rows together, I would feel so much better. Therefore, with "The Notebook" playing in the background, FINALLLLLY all the rows are completed, weeks after I first attempted piecing the center together, and the outside border waiting patiently.

In the meantime, I've been making quite a dent in my Jamestown Landing leader-ender units. The first of the broken-dish units were pieced today. As always, another successful Sunday!