Sunday, October 25, 2009

And we move on...

Happily, we "went hard"...
Sadly, we "go home"...

Final scores: 15-25, 22-25, 25-23, 18-25.

M'girls played well. They took a game off of them. Sure, they could have brought a bit more, maybe given a few less freebies, but... I'm proud of them for fighting 'til the end!

The team stuck together the entire season -- "locker room drama" didn't exist :0) What a trip!

And my loyal side-kicks. GOSH! I'm short!

So now, my life can slowly return to normal. I have 8th grade "bootcamp" Monday and Tuesday of this week yet; the State Volleyball trip is two weeks away (I'm taking 8 of the 9 varsity girls down to State to finish out the season in style); then the Volleyball Banquet is the following Tuesday. Two -n- half more weeks and the word "Volleyball" will rest for a few months.

Well -- sorta --
DH and I and my assistant on the right of the picture -- (to my left) start indoor adult league tonight. We are PUMPED! I love this sport!

Happy Sunday

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Vball on our way; QOV Mystery anyone?

**heavenly sigh**
Slept in 'til 8:00.
Sippin' on my coffee.
Smelling the muffins baking in the oven.
Reminiscing over the BIG BIG victory last night over the 2nd seeded Regional team (we are seeded 3rd). 25-20 25-16, 25-13!
I think we're all still flying high a little bit :0) I had said the girls needed to be working on all cylinders, and they sure were! Started out shaky!!!! Down 1-8 in the first game, but buckled down and played ball!
Tonight is Regional Finals @ 7:00. Gosh -- the trophy is there for the taking if the girls want it. The 1st seeded team is tough, but not unstoppable!

On a different note:
Anyone interested in a QOV Mystery quilt? Just throwing this out your way. I don't think I'm taking it on, but I'll keep the link handy for some day down the line.... They are already three weeks into it, but still.....

Plans for today...hmmmmm ???
I have laundry UGH
I have a dirty house UGH, UGH
I have LOADS of papers to grade UGH, UGH, UGH
I have a table full of red, yellow, light, and dark scraps --- hmmm. THAT may just be my outlet today to "veg" before the game tonight.

Happy Saturday.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My bi-weekly check - in: Volleyball and quilting! What better life is there??? :0)

Heya, heya. TWO MORE WEEKS and then my life will slow back down (okay...maybe THREE!!!) State volleyball is three weeks aways; this week brings on Regional tournaments and I am very hopeful for the girls to make it to the Finals. HOWEVER, the dreadful bugs have started working through the squad -- one of my players just texted me, saying she was at a 102.6 fever and throwing up. UGH UGH UGH!

We had our 6-team invitational yesterday, and did about as good as expected -- 3rd. We're a small school, and we always put ourselves up to the challenge of player larger schools. The two teams ahead of us were division 3 schools (we are division 4). We did beat one division 3 school (4th place) and two division 4 schools (5th and 6th). Tuesday brings on our first Regional game, which we SHOULD come away quite easily with a victory. Then, we will advance to Friday's Regional Semi-final and we need to be firing on all cylinders to get beyond that match. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!!!

I spent all day today doing laundry, updating volleyball statistics and working on Pre-Calculus problems for the upcoming week. I wanted to get some quilting done, but that sadly just didn't happen today.

However, last weekend, I DID find some time to sew :0).....

I needed to clear up some floor space, so I buckled down and sewed together 12 rows of Perkiomen Daydreams. As soon as the vball season ends, THIS will be the project that I tackle full-force, because my lovely PIF lady (Carol - Cornfield Quilter) agreed to quilt it as my PIF gift. HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT?!?!?!

As leaders-enders, I kept sewing up some hour-glass blocks for my Chunky Churndash.

I also pulled out a top that my MIL requested to be quilted by me. I washed up the backing and sandwiched it all together. I'll have to keep looking at it until I get inspired with a quilting design, because I'm clueless right now as to how I will quilt it. ANY SUGGESTIONS WILL BE GREATLY, GREATLY APPRECIATED :0) :0) :0)

Off to catch up on all of your lives....

Happy Sunday!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Find time? PSHT! MAKE TIME!

It's an official NEW record -- OVER TWO WEEKS of nothing from yours-truly :0(

Yesterday, I MADE time to get back downstairs to do some sewing. Yeah, I had a bazillion other things I should have been doing, but it was still there for me to tackle last night in front of Sunday Night Football.

I finished up the Christmas Lights step 2 from Bonnie Hunter (Quiltmaker magazine), and kept going since I just received the latest Quiltmaker in the mail on Saturday. I know this quilt won't be very large, but I still decided to quilt it in sections to really make the quilting pretty, so..... this is the current state and will wait patiently on the floor until I find a good day or two to quilt it. MAYBE, just MAYBE this weekend?!?!!?!? I should be able to catch up a bit with my life on Thursday and Friday since the students don't have school. We teachers have inservice....and I have NO TOURNAMENTS this! It's looking promising!!!!

While working on the CL mystery, I was also sewing up the hour-glass blocks for Chunky Churndash as leaders-enders. Recall that this will be gifted to my parents for helping out this summer with the girls when I had so many math workshops.

Our school has survived yet another Homecoming week--this is my DEAR, DEAR coworker (and former mentor!). This lady is amazing---I coached under her for 8 years and she taught me so much. I never would have been able to accept the Head Coach position without her former guidance and leadership. Even now, her door is open when I need an "ear" with the vball season. This is also the lady whose family I made quilts for last Christmas (Masha's Wonky Nines, Andre's Out of this World, Isaac's My Blue Heaven, and Jan's Family Gems)

Okay everyone----I'm ACTUALLY off to catch up on some blogs, while watching the EVER-SO-AWAITED Packers vs. Vikings football game! I had told my DH before the game started that I'm staying neutral because I think Favre is an amazing athlete, yet .....'s the PACKERS! However-------with 30 seconds left until half time, I have found myself rooting for the Packers! HA! (Afterall, isn't it easier to root for the under dog???) :0( Sorry Pack...but sadly Favre, along with Adrian Peterson, the Vikings are actually looking like a favored team this year. loyalty still stands.....GO PACK!

Happy Monday (Night Football!)