Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Blowing off the dust

When Cassie came home early in March due to Covid closure restrictions at UWS, we elected to have her take over the quilting room seeing as her little sister claimed her bedroom in August when Cass left for school.  After all, I haven't really been quilting much in recent years due to life's hustle-n-bustle being the mom of three very active athletes. 
But, as the month of May progressed, and more and more time was opening up in my schedule from the stay-at-home orders, the itch started coming on to get back in front of my sewing machine.  So... an evening of cleaning and tidying commenced in the open-space of our basement.

Open Space - before
Open Space - after
With almost two (?) years having gone by since truuuuuly spending time sewing, organizing all of my WIPs and leaders-enders was amazingly relaxing. 

Firing up the iron to repress some of the OMIGOSH blocks...

 ... sewing on a few last strips for the yellow string blocks for Bonnie's Talkin' Turkey...

... hanging the simple tablecloth design wall in order to check the status of how many Talkin' Turkey blocks have already been sewn...

... and simply getting organized in my new makeshift sewing area was time well spent and enjoyed. 

Now, to keep tackling a little bit at a time WITHOUT starting anything new!  😂