Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve - time lapse style

Morning Everyone!!!
Today, I quilt.
Today, I will throw a loaf of bread at the girls, and say "make a sandwich!" when they get hungry
Alright...maybe not, but I will quilt much of the day away!

I haven't done a time-lapse day in a long time.  Check back often, or one final time at the end of the day to watch the progress.

Downstairs at 8:00 AM (a bit of a late start, but I enjoyed a cup of coffee and perusing blogs).
Although Bonnie has clue 7 posted, I am going to continue working on Forever for much of the day, and maybe intermix a little Bonnie along the way.
So my first hour (or so) was tidying up the mess that my daughters created yesterday when they and friends "sewed up a surprise," but then quickly moved into the Diamond blocks.
10:30 MAD update
Amy!  Amy!  HOW many years have you been quilting now?!?!?!

Alright, you probably have NO idea why I'm mad!  Afterall, this block is might nice, right?  Points match up.  Near perfect 11" square.

ELEVEN ?!?!?!??!!?
It should be 10.5"!

Step #6:  square diagonal units for 5.5".
GUESS what I skippppppped over?!?!?!?!?!
For crying out loud!
So now....I have 6 blocks all sewn; and NOT in the mood to rip :\
So....brain thinking, thinking.....
I wasn't a fan of that reddish-brown center block on the star blocks anyway;  why couldn't I just cut them out to 6" instead of 5"?  That would fix the problem, right?

Ummmm!  NOPE!  Idiot Amy!  You've already cut and sewn the star points at 5.5".

Tell me Paul, how does this make me feel????

At least he made a Big Pancake for me to munch on while I fume a bit at my stupidity!
11:30 update
I set aside my 6 blocks of frustration, and started piecing the remaining 9 blocks that use my darker greens.  And after exhausting most of my playlists, I followed Spotify "recommended" links, and came across the soundtrack for Extremly Loud and Incredibly Close.  WOW!!! Amazing soundtrack!  I haven't seen the movie, and I got a bit sidetracked while reading up on it;  hm....I may need to visit the library to see if they have it.  
So, the soothing soundtrack calmed me down...and I came to realize that despite how MUCH I loathe ripping seams.....**sigh**.  I like these colors far too much to have to struggle easing in those 11" blocks.  Therefore, later, they will be ripped out.  For now....I want to continue piecing :)

Lunch soon? is enough! :D

Still working on the other 9 diagonal blocks in darker greens.  The trimming up will be SO worth it; but it does take time to do.  Hm...another fitting reason to name this quilt "Forever.
After a short lunch, I was back to the diamond blocks; and I even ripped out the mistakes from earlier.  All 15 blocks - done.  
Now to find the right replacement fabric for the star centers.....
5:00 update
Getting into an afternoon flow, I failed to take any pictures of the "right" brown fabrics.  Plus, I got distracted from Facebook :D  Between Nancy, Andee and a few other non-quilty friends...I was able to rip out the old icky rust centers, and resew the star blocks with the brown swirl centers.  
The light has faded outside to black, so my plans consist of building a fire and then heading out to the hot tub for a while :)  
Paul headed out ice fishing a couple of hours ago, so I may find myself back in my quilting room later.  I completely forgot to fit in time to work on Bonnie's step 7! :\  

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hawaii Sunset blocks done; Easy Street caught up; A new start :)

I love days when things plug along like a well oiled machine!  
I got into a major rhythm this morning piecing together the 600 flying geese units into rows of 6.  Although, once I got to the end, I kinda scratched my head....... not sure if I was missing units or if I had extra.  But I figured I'd worry about that once I neared the finish of the 25 blocks; I didn't want to be slowed down with counting and figuring at that time.

And wouldn't ya know it?  THEY WERE EXTRA!
These were most definitely super fun blocks to piece.  Every block is a bit crazy, 1845 style!  Andra and Andee swapped some beautiful units!
Unfortunately, this is as far as I can go.  I don't have any "perfect" fabrics for use as sashing; so a shopping spree will need to be planned. Soon. :)

Therefore, I took care of cutting up Easy Street part 6 since my cutting board had been cleaned off.  That didn't take all that long....

So FINALLY.... these fabrics had been calling me long enough, waiting so patiently on one of my shelves.  And go figure, right!?!?!?!?  Light purples, rich hunter greens, and copper.  LOL.  My favorite!
After looking through my files of "to be made someday" patterns, I pulled out "Forever Christmas."  Although, these most definitely are not Christmas colors. :)  I'm simply thinking of shortening it to "Forever".  Seems fitting.  They ARE my favorite color combinations afterall :)

I was plugging along, cutting away and piecing away.  Until 3:30, when the Packer game pulled me away.  
And now that I see this brownish/reddish fabric that I thought I'd try as a "here i am!" fabric..... I'm reallllly not liking it.
I'm glad I haven't sewn these together yet.  That fabric may just be ripped out, and I'll grab one of my darker greens.

Meet Father-in-Law.  Taken Christmas Day.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Wow! This is really only my 9th December post?

Well, with a day and a half left of December, I simply MUST fix that!


I guess this month kinda got away from me :s
I've been busily sewing away this morning;  taking a quick break right now for some lunch.

Pictures to come later -
Bonnie's Easy Street part 6 was completed
ALLLLL 25 Hawaii Sunset blocks are pieced! Can I get a whoo-hoo?? {{Or maybe wait until the picture post later??}}

And to look at my "to be made someday" list of quilts.  I have a stack of GORGEOUS coordinating fabrics that are calling...calling...calling to be pressed and cut and pieced into a masterpiece!!!  :D

Alright;  meat's cooking.

Happy Sunday.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

6 hours later...Steps 4 & 5 done

Amen, right??? :D
A small bagel and coffee break ensued at 8:00, just after finishing up Bonnie's mystery step #4.

Step #5 was also finished up before noon, all at a leisurely pace.

Can't wait until tomorrow to see how some of these units will be pieced together.  

Then, my sewing room was being taken over by Hawaii Sunset.  

A short lunch break of mac-n-cheese and hotdogs pulled me away.  And now...I think a little relaxation with a movie is just the ticket.  Hopefully I'll be back at this later.

Happy Thursday!

Today, I will quilt

It hasn't even hit 6:30 AM yet, but I am refilling my coffee cup and then am hitting my quilting room.

NOTHING on my agenda today, other than catching up with Bonnie's Easy Street.
Today will be a "stay-in-PJs" day.

Happy Thursday :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Programs: Christmas Joys

Yet another week has come and gone, and the end of the 2012 year is nearing an end.  WOW!  Where does the time go???
My lil' Candace had her Christmas program last Tuesday, and she lost her tooth the night before:  JUST in time to sing "All I want for Christmas (is my two front teeth)."

And this little girl is getting so big!  While packing up on Saturday to head off to Grandma's house, she got distracted and side-tracked with her books.  

But we eventually made it on the road, and had our Christmas celebration with my family yesterday.  I think the gift opening can be summed up as "Hats & Green Bay Packers, with a few other fillers."  
We are going to relax today (Monday), and then celebrate with Paul's family tomorrow on Christmas Day.  Tomorrow night, we will be back at our own house with MAYBE a late present-opening ceremony.  Santa is making a stop at the house to deliver presents, even if we're not there :)

And now, the picture show...

Matthews!  YES!  Hunka-hunka!

{{That bottle is empty!!!  LOL.  I guess I enjoyed the process of emptying it the night before;  so much that it needed to show up in my stocking as a little reminder joke.}}

We love the Packers, can you tell?

And check out that HAT!  These hats really were the best presents of the day!

My sister, recipient of a lap quilt she requested.

LOL.  And the SuperMan undies are passed along to Paul this year;  who will get them next year??? :D

My brother and wife who also requested a new quilt.

I love tender, family shots.  My brother and wife.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Time passes

After a 4 hour drive in foggy, wintery weather last night, it felt good to be home.  And I started my day out right this morning with a 3 mile jog, on freshly snow-covered roads.  THANKFULLY, this snow didn't hit until after I made it safely home!

No sewing accomplished yesterday since I spent the entire day shopping with my sister and mother, but today, 
Bonnie's Easy Street mystery, step #4 was {almost} completed.  

The rest of the day was super lazy!  I've done some loads of laundry between sitting and surfing the web.  I even rested for about an hour while listening to the Green Bay Packer game.  I spent very minimal time writing a Statistics test that is scheduled tomorrow.  So yeah...kinda a kick-back lazy Sunday afternoon.

One more week of school before a little bit of a holiday break!  I'd be lying if I said I can wait!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tiny Tuesday: EM #3

EM #3

Another modified Tiny Tuesday using EM (my Brother 770 embroidery machine).   With Christmas right around the corner, I though a snowflakey style block would be fitting :D

Sunday, December 9, 2012

1-2-3 All caught up!

Oh yes people.
I finally found a full day of mojo and determination!
And of COURSE, I had to get myself all caught up on Bonnie's mystery!!!

Step 1 had been partially completed; the day started with finishing up the 4-patches. 

Despite having just made 600 flying geese for the Hawaii Sunset quilt not so long ago, cutting into the purples for Bonnie's step 2 had me motivated for much of the morning and early afternoon.  I'm worried that some of the purples might be a bit too dark to contrast against the black I chose as my background, but, I'm going with it.

And I realized too late that someone had altered my camera settings, so my pictures are blurry.  I simply don't have enough energy to care about getting better pics right now.

LOVED moving right along into step #3 and busting out the orange!  By mid afternoon, I was all caught up with Easy Street!  Get I get a hoorah!?!

Not ready to clean up the shop.... 
I pulled out the package I received from Andra containing our swapped units for Hawaii Sunset.  After only a quick organizational moment, I grabbed the 9-patches, and together with my previously cut units, I gave each of them an inner border hug.

If one stares at the left block too long, the mind could get hypnotized!  That's one wild block of patterns.  And then, the RICH gorgeousness of the red/yellow/block combination of the block on the right:  yummmmy!

STILL not ready to clean up shop, my OCD took over!  The flying geese sent from Andra needed to be organized into cute lil' matching pink piles.

So now, all the units for Hawaii Sunset are cut, organized and piled.   What a pretty sight;  ready for more attention, but not at this moment.  It was finally time to turn everything off for the night and join my family {{I think they thought I died downstairs}}.
Happy Sunday

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tiny Tuesday: Midget Block #38: Garden Beauty

FINALLY, a "real" midget block to post :)
Although this one is called Garden Beauty, I did some fussy-cutting of some sailor fabric (recognize it Angela?)  Maybe I need to rename it to A Sailor's Heart, or something.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Easy Street - a bit behind

I'm stepping into a new colorway;  BLACK as my background!  I've always wanted to try black as a background, instead of white.  Bonnie's Easy Street will be just the ticket, I bet :)
I'm a wee bit behind; only half way through Clue #1... but it's alright;  I've moved beyond that need to be the first one done with a clue once it's posted.  Hm...should I be worried?  Am I losing my competitive nature?  Or are other priorities simply taking precedence?  

Such as a day of shopping with Cassie??? :D 
And speaking of which!  My GOODNESS!  WHY are things packaged to the point WOUNDS are created trying to open them???  This the wound inflicted while trying to unpackage a pair on new headphones for myself.  

Another weekend over.  Time is simply flying, and I'm doing my best to find a balance to enjoy everything that comes my way.

I love life, don't you :D