Thursday, April 30, 2015

Masculine afghan [Customer Crochet]

What started as an random ripple project placed on Etsy last fall, ended up leading to a sale for the largest afghan I've made to date.

A customer contacted me to create an afghan to fit a queen size bed in similar fashion of one I currently have listed on Etsy.

The project required about 70 hours of time, utilizing almost every non-teaching moment I had over the past 6 weeks :D

After a shipping fiasco that involved a breakdown of a large sorting machine in Salt Lake City, UT, the afghan arrived safely (albeit, a week late) to the customer.  With the backdrop of his house and dessert landscape, the afghan seems to fit in quite nicely.

The customer is awaiting a custom-made bed the afghan is meant for; until then, it rests on a spare bed.

Etsy sale for smaller version