Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Life is good

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My two therapies today: Easy Street & Running

The day began early, like many others lately.  4:30 AM yesterday morning, and 5:30 AM this morning.  And truly, on the weekends, I really don't mind.  There's always so much I want to do;  and there's so little stress to worry about since I don't have to prepare mentally for being in front of a classroom.  I'm sure all you other teachers understand?  Waking early is easy on the weekends.  I mainly get to relax with my own priorities I set out for the day.  No agenda, other than what I set for myself, .... or I suppose, what I need to do as a mom, wife and overall member of a family and society.

Yesterday was filled with Basketball and Football.  Cassie is signed up for Basketball again this year and she had her first tournament of the season.  Thankfully, it was a 'home' tournament, so travel only consisted of 5 miles.  That was manageable.   There was more basketball in the afternoon since Cass's team was asked to join in on the Varsity introduction "hand-slap" line.  It's all good;  I hadn't seen a varsity game yet this year.

And then, there was football in the evening.  But, for any Green Bay Packer fans out there (or 49er fans), I don't really want to talk too much about the results of that game.  Besides, I fell asleep at half time, and wasn't awakened too often afterwards by shouts from DH, which usually happens when he whoops and hollars at good plays.  ie:  there weren't too many in the 2nd half :\

But today... I sewed.

And I truly didn't have any goals in mind.  I just wanted to sew.  And little bit by little bit... Easy Street blocks were finished up.  The layout....  I think I'm okay with it.  It's very different than any color combination I've used in the past, despite using greens/oranges/purples, my favorite combination.  The black as a background is a big change for me.  Some of you have said that the colors remind you of Halloween;  I can see that.  The blocks haven't been sewn into rows yet;  it was 3:00 by this time, and I was ready to move into my second form of therapy for the day.....


When I run inside, I clearly don't get any change in elevation tracked, nor distance;  only time can get recorded while I'm on my treadmill.  65 minutes today, and with my share of walking (all the lower heartrate percentages shown), I was able to log 5 miles.  I had set a goal of 6 today, but I'll take 5.  I marked off one of my highest heartrate percentages;  an insight into how out of shape my heart and cardio system is :\  However, I'm working on it.  Besides, considering I've been back on the running wagon all year so far, I'm happy with my progress!  PLUS, today's 5 miles already has me surpassing my TOTAL mileage logged from 2010!!!!  Can you believe it?!?!?!  I simply shake my head....24 miles in 2010.  How sadly sad that is.
But, I'm back.  I have a few motivators helping me along the way;  certainly helps to keep me honest!

And, the other good news;  I'm finally making progress on my virtual trip to Amy's house :D  Almost halfway there now :)

I think I'll relax with some reading tonight.  
I certainly hope your Sunday and weekend was all that it could be :)

Happy Sunday.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I would see it again!

I am not a writer, nor a critic... and my review of this movie can be summed up in a few short words...

Not a disappointment.
Highly emotional.
Amazingly talented all-star cast.
Outrageously fabulous!

There were a few short moments that seemed to stall and drag out, but!  I would see it again in theaters in a heartbeat.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Candace turns 7 :)

Candace turns 7 today!  And I have to chuckle that her favorite present was a huge container of cheesy puff balls :) LOL

I have some school work to take care of this weekend;  there was no way of avoiding it since I had to bolt out of school today to do some last minute BDay things.  Pizza, snacks.... ya know.

I also hope to have some time to work on Easy Street.  On Tuesday, this was as far as I got...

I was realllly planning on pushing through the piecing (See the glass of Mountain Dew??!?!?!?)
But when I laid out all of the units for this block......


Am I missing some green squares?  Did they fall?  Did I fail to cut them out???
I CLEARLY was short!

So, I figured it was a sign.  And walked away.

This weekend though :)

However, shortly I'm heading out for a night out with some lady coworkers:  heading to see Les Miserables!  Can't Wait!!!!!!

Happy Weekend :D

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Running Wrap up

2012 Running Log
Totals: 62.87 miles (OH NO! Realllllly?)

Another year down; and without many races on the calendar (only one???), there wasn't anything to keep me honest.   That will change for 2013! It HAS to!  Time to get back up to my year of 300+ miles.

So some quick math to set a 2013 goal...before showing the (short) rundown from 2012. :\
If I try to set a CAH-RAZY goal (like running 2013 miles in 2013), that would mean...38.7 miles/week. stupidly unrealistic. lol.
Hmmm...half of that:  1006.5 miles would equate to 19.4/week;  and even that may be a bit unrealistic.
SO, how about reality???

15 miles/week?  That would result in roughly 780 miles on the year.  Hm....  I can see where some weeks will be more, specially if I truly dedicate myself to some half-marathon and marathon training again;  I am only 37, afterall.  I gots some years left on my legs :)  Besides;  I still have my 5K PR to beat! (25:04).  Will I evvvvver get there again? :S 'bout if we just start with trying to surpass my largest annual mileage to date:  308 miles.  Hm. 4 is my favorite number, so maybe....400???  That's only 7.6 miles/week.  {{That's IF I don't take any weeks off}}.  Besides, it's taking me way too long to get to Amy's house via my virtual vacation! LOL.  And if I hope to eventually make it down to Florida... oh vey!  Time to get moving :)

Alright, now the short run-down from 2012.

1/5/12: 1.00 mile on treadmill (pre-workout)
1/31/12: 2.00 miles on treadmill
3/13/12: 1.00 mile (EZ outside)
3/14/12: 1.00 mile (EZ outside)
3/15/12: 2.00 miles (EZ outside)
3/20/12: 3.32 miles (37:43; 11:21/mile)
3/22/12: 2.78 miles (26:08; 11:28/mile)
3/27/12: 1.99 miles (W-I-N-D-Y!!!) (22:21; 11:16/mile)
3/29/12: 2.66 miles (29:18; 11:00/mile)
4/11/12: 2.14 miles (22:35; 10:33/mile)
4/12/12: 4.00 miles (44:13; 11:04/mile) EZ/L
4/19/12: 2.00 miles (21:56; 10:58/mile)
5/17/12: 2.01 miles (22:43; 11:19/mile)
6/8/12: 1.84 miles (19:36; 10:39/mile) Mileage
6/11/12: 2.10 miles (22:13; 10:36/mile) Mileage
6/12/12: 17.74 miles (1:26:46; 4:53/mile) - XT Bike
6/13/12: 1.26 miles (13:54; 11:04/mile) Speed cut short
6/27/12: 1.83 miles (18:08; 9:55/mile) T
7/24/12: 1.67 miles (19:31; 11:43/mile) Mileage
8/7/12: 1.79 miles (19:02; 10:40/mile) Mileage
8/29/12: 1.83 miles (19:48; 10:50/mile) Mileage
10/13/12: 3.15 miles Ashland 5K.  (36:23; 11:34/mile)
11/6/12: 25 minutes (2.0ish miles)
11/8/12: 34 minutes (3.0ish miles)
11/27/12: 26 minutes (2.5ish miles)
11/28/12: 26 minutes (2.5ish miles)
11/29/12: 21 minutes (2.0ish miles)
12/2/12: 1.83 miles (19:13; 10:29/mile)
12/5/12: 25 minutes (2.0ish miles)
12/16/12: 3.25 miles (41:47; 12:51/mile)
12/17/12: 35 minutes of Intervals (2.5 miles)

First quilt top of 2013 - Forever

Waking up at 4:30AM on this last day of vacation may be a little wacked-out for most people...
But I didn't want the day to go to waste.  SO MUCH TO DO :D
After coffee and blogs, I was raring to go at 7:00AM, piecing Forever into a top.

By 10:00 (and 18 burnt muffins later), the top was pieced and bordered.

Forever (70" x 80")

And now... off to work on Bonnie's mystery!  Could there be TWO quilt tops completed today??!?!!?

{{Tall order there}}

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