Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Sunday of sewing; Stash Report Febr. 22-28

Paintbox of Color had borders added, a backing pieced, and sandwiched, awaiting the return of my Bernina for quilting... (Note the quilt name-change).

The final NICU quilt was sandwiched (three total now), also awaiting the return of my Bernina for quilting....

I pulled a classic "glance-around-the-quilting-room-for-what-to-work-on-next" move...and grabbed a stack of unpieced UFO blocks (Steppin' Out - dyed). I spent about an hour piecing those into "arrow" blocks, awaiting the next step. Hmmm...maybe this will be the March UFO from Nancy??

Jade's Hearts also saw some progress. Ten "connector blocks" were pieced today, and loads and loads of HST's are still attached to the machine at the moment...

Last night, while watching the Olympic coverage, I put the final stitches on the Perkiomen Daydreams label.

A lovely shot of Carol's quilting via the back. **wave** Hi Carol!!!.

Now I really need to convince hubby to get out his ladder so we can get this hung on the wall for one final DONE-DONE picture :0)

Stash Report: February 22-28
Used this week: 7.854 (more Curtains, Paintbox blocks, Nicu & Paintbox backings)
Purchased this week: 0 yards
Used-to-date 2010: 70.735 yards
Purchased-to-date 2010: 86.25 yards
Net used: -15.515 yards
Woohoo--another couple of weeks and I should be back "in the black" :0)

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Yup, that was me today

Sure, I started the day off on a strong note by finishing the living room curtains, but....
After Cassie's Basketball this morning, I made some lunch and headed downstairs.
I used up another 120" of fabric today: pressing, cutting and hemming bottom/sides for the next set of curtains for the kitchen. I did NOT do any more work on the Roman Shades for the kitchen; DH has been fishing since lunch, and I need his assistance to know what wood he has in mind...

After the basic hemming, I didn't have the ambition to cut/sew the tabs for the kitchen set of curtains, so, they were lain on the floor until tomorrow (??maybe??)

I figured I'd sew up another set of Paintbox blocks. But I knew I wasn't going to be sewing long once I made this silly mistake....I was feeling tired...

But set #7 saw a finish...
and here is set #6 from earlier this week.

Remember earlier this week when I said I was in the cleaning and tidying mood? Well, it didn't last much more than an evening, but a LITTLE bit of progress was made. Some fabrics in the basket and that had been hanging out on the floor were pressed and folded and placed on the 3rd shelf, while others were pressed and cut into scrap bins. However, YES, a basket of scraps STILL remains to be pressed and cut/folded.

While going through scraps though (MOST of them donated by my mother from one of her many garage-sale jackpot finds!!)...
I found this cute little panel of the Pledge of Allegiance. So, I took a break to throw on some borders. It will await completion until I get my Bernina back.

Although there are some pictures of tasks, I really had a lazy day. I even napped for an hour this afternoon while the girls were watching Max and Ruby. Sure, I did a few loads of laundry, but....yeah, it was a very quiet, lazy day around here for me.

I have the Olympics on, and I don't foresee me heading back downstairs tonight. I sense an evening of web surfing or magazine browsing.

Happy Saturday!

Success #1

An hour this morning....
One-piece split into two...
Jimmied up into place for now (until hubby gets out the drill to put in the actual hardware...

Off to baskeball

Part #2 coming this afternoon: The Roman Shades for the French doors

Friday, February 26, 2010

March BOM

I am SO thankful Friday has made its way to me!
Today was a doosey, and I'm just thankful for work to be over and that I WILL be able to put that behind me. It used to be, the first few years I taught, I wouldn't be able to "leave things at the door." Only every now-n-then NOW do I find certain "issues" plaguing me in the evenings; I have become experienced enough to be able to leave most 'issues' at the door when I leave school.

Some of you have poked around enough to find the BOM updated page :0) **wink-wink**
This post is informing ALL of my followers that I have updated my Skattebo's Creations website. It received a lovely facelift, with a background that reminds me so much of MODA fabrics ;0) It's still rather bare, and I need to find time (and motivation) to get it up to the completeness my old site was, but for now, it serves its purpose. You can either link to the BOM off of the main page, or link directly to it here:
BOM by Amy. I have included the link on my side bar as well.

The blocks for March:
Scrap Happy.

Double Friendship Star

Arizona Cactus (for our AZ resident!!!)

Enjoy your weekend. My goals????
[[insert clashing piano chord music]]
I want them to get finished and hung.
Outside of that---I really don't know. I have so many WIP's in the fire; I may just sew a little on each of them.
I will wait on any actual quilting until I get my Bernina back from the shop; most likely next weekend :0( ??? Crossing fingers!!!

Happy Friday night

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Machine needs surgery, been cutting and cleaning, Wanna see how much you know?

Okay...sad news from the Tech Guy on my Bernina; a "unique injury" that doesn't occur too often has occurred. It will require ordering parts and a day or two of a "learning curve" since he has never seen this "injury" before. All I know is: warranty SHOULD (it BETTER!!!!!) cover the parts (she's ONLY 19 months old!), and that she'll need another full week before she'll be on the mend :0(

So....Brother, ya gotta keep helping me out.

I sewed up Set #6 of Paintbox blocks Monday night (pics in camera downstairs--too lazy to get it).
Then last night, I had a weird motivation of CLEANING and de-CLUTTERING! I took some before pics (again, downstairs in camera), but no after pics yet. I'm not quite finished. So, that's on the agenda as soon as I finish up this post.

Finally, I receive a weekly email from Quilting. There was a fun link that is worth sharing....check it out:

Know your blocks? Try this quiz!
NOTE: My score was 16/30. Yikes! BUT, give me a math quiz, and I'd kick yer butts! :0)
Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 22, 2010

a deep breath...

Sunday is over, and I've had a super good chuckle re-reading THAT post...
I 100% appreciate all the WONDERFUL pat-on-back and been-there-done-that comments; I must admit that I had some great giggles at some of those comments!!!

And, NO, the curtains have NOT defeated me! Tonight after school, I ran to the hardware store to pick up some rings, eyelet screws, nylon and mounting brackets for the curtains and shades. I don't think I'll work on them tonight; they may wait until later this week, or even this weekend.

Rather, I want to remain calm ( :0) ) and enjoy my time in front of the machine tonight. I haven't made any Paintbox blocks since Friday night, so I'm due for set #6, which will have me caught up in the Quiltalong. They are simple enough where I could easily sew up a set a night and be finished by the weekend. I also haven't quilted the Nicu quilts yet, so maybe one of those will see some stitches tonight.

Happy Monday :0)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stash Report - Feb. 15-21

after taking a deep breath from the FRUSTRATING day today (be sure to read my Curtain-Creation-Post!)...I'm ready to report my stash for the week.
at least those blasted things helped me rack up some used yardage for the week....

Stash Report: February 8-14
Used this week: 17.556 yards (Curtains, Paintbox blocks, Nicu tops and backings)
Purchased this week: 0 yards
Used-to-date 2010: 62.881 yards
Purchased-to-date 2010: 86.25 yards
Net used: -23.369 yards
Still working my way back slowly

Read about others' progress at Judy's (Patchworktimes).

*&(^%(*@&^$ DON'T ASK!!!!!!!

Cuz I'm MORE than willing to SHARE my ~!#%##@##&^@^(@ day with you!!!!!! Brace yourselves for a long post, PICTURELESS!

So, it started like this.....

Hubby had an alarm set for 5:40, but it wasn't just our clock alarm-----NOPE! It was the alarm from his phone, which LITERALLLLLLLLLLLLY made BOTH of us jump to our feet when it went off! Holy BUCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like having a flippin CAVALRY CHARGE of bugels in our bedroom!!!!!!!

Somehow, sleep was able to find its way back into my mind and body, because the next thing I knew, it was 7:30 and Caitlyn was at my side saying, "Mom, can you turn on the cartoons?" DH amazingly DID get up at his alarm to head out ice-fishing.

So, coffee and french-toast was on the menu this morning (well, coffee for me, Sunny Delight for the girls). But, while sitting at the breakfast table---I FINALLY had had enough!

Let me explain.....

we have MANY MANY LARGE windows in our house. We have a loft-style house with HUGE windows in the Grand room / Living & Dining area. On sunny days, it is near impossible to find a place to sit without having sun blaring directly at you. Mind you, I LOVE the sun! But the four of us were scrunching into one corner of the breakfast table because we were getting blinded!!!! Enough is enough. So...........

.......curtains, here we go!

[[yeah, yeah---hubby is peering over my shoulder as I type, giggling and laughing and saying...."'bout time!"]]
[[and continuing to cackle, because he is remembering my ..... well..... my TANTRUM from a couple of hours ago. More to come on that soon....]]
I spent about an hour just peeking through boxes and bags to find fabric that would be suitable for curtains and shades. I did hit a jackpot of very heavy linens with plenty of yardage. I actually was thinking of giving this box back to my mother to donate to church, because I would NEVER have used it in a quilt. Good thing I held on to it.

Still motivated, I started ironing yards and yards of fabric; NOT smelling all that great, mind you. I figured I would give them a good washing ONCE the curtains were completed.

So, out came my book: "Curtains, Draperies and Shades: A step-by-step guide". Psht! I should have found a book titled..."Ummm, you sure you want to take this on? OK---Curtains, Draperies and Shades for Dummies and the literally insane!"

After half hour of reading, re-reading, scratching my head, and reading again, I figured I was ready to actually start cutting.

I started by cutting two pieces of a nicer flannel that will be used for Roman Shades on the inner windows of the French Doors in our dining area. At the same time, I cut two panels of a tan linen to be used for lining the shades. Then....I found myself scratching my head: 'Should I fuse the lining and front panels??' I had enough fusing to cover MOST of the panels, but the sides would have been left. I spent another 30 minutes searching the book to see if it said anything about fusing, but couldn't find anything stated (even though it lists fusing as a supply???)

Anyway, so, LOTS of steam, pressing hems: tops, bottoms, sides. UGH!!!!! Then LOTS of pinning to have the lining fit perfectly behind the front panel.

Okay, at this point, it was lunch time. Things were still running smoothly, just PUTZY!!!!!!!!!!!
[[lunch -- BBQ sandwiches and homemade frenchfries]]

After lunch, I was finally able to sew. This step wasn't that bad, but I would have been nicer had I had my Bernina and a WALKING foot!!!!!

But, an hour later----two panels for the French Door windows DONE. They now await DH's assistance for the top mounting board. I also need to shop for some rings and draw-string.

It was 2:00...
still feeling motivated, I figured I would start tackling a tab-curtain for the living room.

The window measures 80" wide (finished) and the pattern suggests 1.5-2 times that length. I had 130" of fabric, PERFECT (a little more than 1.5 times the width). THIS is heavy heavy linen fabric. Nothing fancy in color or design, meerly functional.

Ironing 130" of HEAVY linen is NOT FUN! PAIN in the tuckus for sure! BUT, after an HOUR HOUR HOUR!!!!!, I had the bottom hem pressed and pinned and sewn. Then, it was time to move to the sides. These weren't that bad, because it was only 60" worth (I am not making curtains to the floor). Oh, and I also am NOT lining this curtain, so I figured it wouldn't be that bad, right?

The sides were hemmed. And even at this point, I was still okay; losing a little motivation, but still going...
Then, back to reading the book; how to make tabs. Okay, seemed straight forward, and really it was, it's just this FABRIC is a ROOOOOOYAL *&^(*@&^! [[breathe, breathe, calm down]]

Okay, snip, snip--16 tabs cut. Press, press, burn finger with the flippin' steam because these stupid things are only 2.5" wide (cut) and 1.75" finished. BUT, after some time (I've stopped keeping track!) they were ready to be sewn. Again, I wished I would have had my Bernina to put a decorative stitch on them, but needed to settle for a simple straight-stitch. No biggy.

Then.....time to attach the tabs to the curtain panel. The math was easy----every 8" (because by this point, the width was 120"). Pinning wasn't that bad, but getting a bit tougher due to the thickness of seams and fabrics in some spots.

Schlepping the weight over to the machine, parking my butt in chair, ready to put in the final line of stitching......

BREAK goes needle #1 at the first attempt of sewing the end.
BREAK goes the thread at the second attempt of sewing the end.
Okay, starting to get frustrated......
Insert size 16 needle.....
Let me explain what this "end" looks like
2 layers of bottom tab
6 layers of fabric panel (panel edges were double hemmed, and the ends have BOTH the top and side edges overlapped)
2 layers of top tab.
So that's TEN layers of fabric (THINK LINEN FABRIC) trying to get sewn!
Thankfully, the third time was the charm, and I was able to get past the end.
Every 8 inches, I came upon another tab that needed sewing (now only SEVEN layers since I only had the top edge to contend with)
My machine wasn't liking the thickness, but I muscled it along a little bit....
As I was nearing the final tabs, getting into a groove and SO THANKFUL it was almost done.....



But what's worse..........


[[breathe, breathe]]
((yeah, even **I** am laughing over this NOW....but at the time, a few choice words were shared in my serene quilting space.))

I headed upstairs to calm down a bit, and got a glass of water, then....back downstairs.....

So....wound up a new bobbin....WOUND the excess thread BACK on the spool (ya know, the thread from the LAST 90 INCHES!!!)

And sewed that &*!(#&^# seam AGAIN!

By the time I finished it, I was DONE with curtains forever!!!!!

Upstairs, DH was putzing, cooking something 'er other. I showed him the curtain panel and said it was all his now. He needed to come up with something to use as a rod (we have so much wood and lumber laying around that should work perfectly), and he said "No problem."



He walks over to the window and holds up the curtain to the window and asked me why it was so big?


After the DAY I had downstairs......[[seeeeeeeething now!]]
I let it fly!

[[insert typical childhood trantrum here, only picture a 34 year old quilter who TRIED doing a nice thing for her husband who has nagged and nagged her to make some curtains, and so she DID and spent HER entire free time ALL DAY working on this #(*$^(@*&^ curtain that is "too big""????]]

EXCUUUUUUSE me honey, but I READ THE *@^#(*@&^ directions! They are SUPPOSED to be longer than the actual window so they can "bulk" up and "look NICE!".

But then----I reallllly lost it when I realized that I didn't split the *&^(@^ fabric into TWO PANELS!!!!!!!!!!!! One for each side of the *&#^$(@ window!

So, I yanked the flippin' curtain out of his hands, shared a few MORE choice words, and stomped down the stairs, SLAMMING the door behind me and threw the *&^(#@ thing on the floor, which is where it STILL is!

It will REMAIN there until I find the ambition to face the stupid thing again! My next task with it: split it in two pieces, which really SHOULD be easy---cut it in the middle and sew a new side hemmed seam. BUT...I don't want to think about that right now.

***huffy sigh***
Hopefully YOU actually enjoyed YOUR Sunday!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Paintbox 3, 4 & 5; Carolina Christmas part 5

I've been getting a couple of hours of sewing in each night....
Wednesday night: Paintbox set #3 (hit the blues)

Thursday night: Paintbox #4 (in come the greens)

Tonight: Paintbox #5 (and the yellows)

These are so fun and quick to sew up; right around an hour from cutting-start to pressing-finish. Oh----can you find the boo-boo on set #5? When I realized what I had done, I simple said..."psht! Hardly noticeable, specially once all 80 blocks will be sewn together." You see it yet?

And I've also been working on Carolina Christmas step 5's Pointsetta blocks; 10 completed Wednesday evening, and 11 more tonight.

I am SOOOO thankful I have my Brother as a backup machine. My piecing is DEFINITELY not as good using it, but.....hey! At least I can still sew!!!! I have plans to hit the road tomorrow AM a bit before 8:00 so I can get to the shop by 9:00 to drop off my Bernina. Sadly, I won't be able to get it back until the following weekend because it can't get looked at tomorrow. So LAUREL-----if you are around, I'll be at Sew Complete at 9:00!!! ;0) But I'll be turning around right away; I don't want to "waste" the day completely.

Happy Friday :0)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Quilts for Kids inspiration; Set 2 of "Oh Fransson's" Paintbox

Here's my update from last night (since hubby had the computer when I finally forced myself to leave my quilting room....)

I arrived home from work last night COMPLETELY motivated to get sewing! I caught up on blogs and emails first, and found myself perusing the Quilts For Kids website, admiring finished quilts in the Gallery, and then further on the site to the Downloadable patterns. SUDDEN INSPIRATION when I saw the NICU pattern. A while back (two years ago???), my mother hit a jackpot of baby fabrics (garage sale??? Goodwill??? Church donation???) with some lovely Precious Moments fabrics that she OF COURSE handed over to me. Since this pattern is so small and quick to sew up, I have THREE sewn together, awaiting quilting (which may come tonight).

Measures 33"x33" when finished

And, set 2 of Oh Fransson's Paintbox Quiltalong. My goal is to piece a four-fabric-set (8 blocks) every night. The quiltalong finshed up week 5 (or 6?), so tonight will be my 3rd set and by the weekend I'll be all caught up. I am taking strips of fabric from the roll in order; apparently I hit the "red" spot last night...LOL.

Happy Wednesday

One final thought...
Yes, I have a family in which I feed, cloth; the whole nine yards. Weekends are gloriously filled with basketball, birthday parties and other events that sneak up, but I love to quilt and my family knows my passion is steadfast; therefore, usually 2-3 hours (minimum) on each weekend day are reserved for quilting (even it it means 8:00-11:00 PM). Hubby loves to fish and the girls enjoy taking turns to be the "right-hand-fisherman" for Dad. When the girls are home with me, I split my time between quilting, crafting with the girls, making meals; laundry, the whole nine yards again.
I am rather stress-free at school right now; 3rd term is my FAVORITE because of the schedule: Teach 2 sections of Math 7, then supervise a Junior High study hall. RARELY do I need to bring work home during this quarter.
Therefore, once I get home, the girls usually play until dinner, while I am multi-tasking between making dinner, reading emails and catching up on blogs. After dinner, depending on the evening, I may stay with the family until the girls' bedtime, at which time I usually hibernate downstairs in my quilting room for a couple of hours before 10:00 (or 11:00 IF I'm really motivated and still wide awake). DH usually finds himself on the computer during my quilting hours, so I don't feel guilty when I head downstairs.
Back to multi-tasking for a moment: No offense to men, but I don't think they have the wiring what women do when it comes to multi-tasking (or at least MY husband doesn't have the same wiring **I** do). When I make dinner, I usually am doing more than just making dinner. My version of making dinner is something like this: start meat browning in pan, run water for dishes, start fire in wood furnace, unload dish washer, shut off water, place dishes in water, stir meat, take load of laundry out of dryer, fill washer/dryer with next load, take basket to bedroom, dump out on bed, stir meat, slice potatoes and place in pan, stoke fire, fold t-shirts/pants, add BBQ sauce/ketchup/spices to meat (simple BBQ meal), turn on low heat, stir potatoes, wash sink full of dishes, rinse, set to dry, add next "load" of dishes into sink, peek on girls, have girls set table, continue folding clothes, stoke fire, check meat, stir potatoes, ........
I think you get my drift. Within 30 minutes, dishes are done, table is set (with help of girls), clothes are folded (except socks!!!! Anyone else ANNOYED by folding socks?!?!??), fire is starting to heat the house, and dinner had made its way to the table.

Judy at Patchwork Times has had two "motivation" posts recently---it REALLY is worth a moment to read them because she makes some very DUH statements. You really can't help but nod your head.....
Motivation-Feb. 15
More Motivation-Feb. 16

Here's to you finding your motivation :0)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Stash Report - Feb. 8-14

Almost forgot the stash report for last week....

Stash Report: February 8-14
Used this week: 5.194 yards
Purchased this week: 0 yards
Used-to-date 2010: 45.326 yards
Purchased-to-date 2010: 86.25 yards
Net used: -40.924 yards
(working my way back slowly...)

NOTE!: When fabric is GIFTED to me, it is not included it in the "purchased." Some call their category "Added to stash," but not me; I only concern myself with what **I** purchased...

Happy Monday

Determined, despite "surgery"...Now or Forever sees a finish!

The morning started later than usual, awaiting my parent's departure, but eventually I found myself chaining through 104 broken dishes for Carolina Christmas, part #4.

Then I grabbed Now or Forever and started quiltin' along....until ...."cher-chuck, chuck, clickity-click, click....."...

The sound sure wasn't normal, so I figured I'd give the machine a good cleaning and oiling. Sadly, it didn't help. I'm not a technician, but I have trouble-shooted it a bit----the needle/bobbin-case are "missing" each other. Either the needle is a fraction of a second too early, or the bobbin case is a bit late. ((**sigh**)). So, after sitting STUMPED for a few moments (maybe 10 ???), I finally faced the inevitable and packed her up for a trip to the shop. Sadly the shop is an hour away, so she'll have to wait until the weekend, which will mean at LEAST another week after THAT before I get her back.... ol' standy-by "Brother" made an appearance.
I was soooooooo close to being finished with the quilting, and I remember the frustration I used to have with the Brother when it came to FMQ...BUT, after a practice patch and adjustment of the tension, I was off-n-runnin' again! By mid-afternoon, the quilting was completed and binding sewn on, still awaiting hand-stitching though. I don't have a walking foot for the Brother and I SURE MISS IT!!!!!! In fact, there are a FEW things I am now taking for granted on the Bernina 440 QE that my Brother doesn't have...
1) The needle up/down feature
2) the on/off button when FMQ
3) the stitch regulator! But it sure was fun and relaxing to take the quilting at a nice leisurely pace.
4) the needle threader (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
5) the 1/4" foot
6) the bigger "table" name a few...
but, she came through when I needed her.

And then.......with only an hour left of guilt-free quilting time, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to tackle the "true" Paintbox quiltalong. (See side bar for link).
Carol (Cornfield Quilter) sent this BEAUTIFUL jelly roll of Moda fabrics when she returned Perkiomen Daydreams from quilting. What a lovely PIF gift!!!!!!!!!

The quilt-along uses 10" squares for the "focal" fabric part, but the pattern works perfectly with 2.5" strips too! I first cut off 2.5" square, then a 2.5"x3.5" rectangle for the back, then need to thin the strip to 1.75"....

JUST enough is available in the strip to cut 2 each of 6.5" 5", 4", and 2.5" rectangles!!! It's was meant to be.

My first set of Oh Fransson Paintbox's :0)

I'm a bit behind, but should be able to catch up in no time. As clearly shown in the picture, I am doing the variation with white. Thanks again CANDACE for the beautiful motivational Paintboxes on your blog!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quiltathon - Pineapple Blossoms, Scrappy Log Cabins, Paintbox, Carolina Christmas, March BOM... whew!

Not that it's a biggy, but ....
THIS IS MY 350th post! 50 more posts and you can expect a goodie-of-a-giveaway! Four is my favorite number, so 400 SURE should be worth something, huh??....'d I do on my goals, you wonder????
Take a peek....

Goal #1 - Ten more Pineapple Blossom - CHECK.
(And bonus triangle pinwheels.)

Goal #2 - Ten more Scrappy Log Cabins - CHECK.

Goal #3 - Sew together Paintbox blocks - CHECK.
(I even threw on one small border.)

Goal #5 - Work on March BOM - CHECK.
All three blocks have been sewn together; now just to find time to type up the directions. How d'ya like the size of the one HST??? 1" FINISHED! HA!
As mentioned in the caption, I also took 30 minutes (or so) to press the HST's from Carolina Christmas's part #4. Before leaving the machine, I partially began sewing the Broken Dishes units; those are on the agenda to be finished up for tomorrow.

Goal #4 was the only one I didn't tackle today, but I really should make it my main goal for tomorrow. A finish would be nice. :0)

My mom picked up this collection of (mostly) C'mas fabrics at her local Goodwill for a couple of dollars....

And tonight, Cassie surprised ALL of us with Valentine's bags full of goodies. Caitlyn and Candace each got some candy and a V'day t-shirt, "Dad" got some silly high-flying saucer something-er-others, and **I** got this LOVELY V'day fabric. How thoughtful!!!!! (She went shopping with G'ma yesterday) ;0)

So, one more day of weekend for me tomorrow; looking forward to another day of sewing! :0)
Happy Sunday everyone.

Goal setting Sunday

No football today
No hubby today (fishing)
No #1 or #2 today (fishing WITH hubby)

Just me, my mom and #3; hanging out.

I think I need to actually establish some goals today and broadcast to the world----(ie: therefore MUST meet them!) Since 4 is my favorite number, here are four (manageable) goals for the day:....

#1) Sew another set of 10 blocks for Pineapple Blossom
#2) Sew another set of 10 blocks for Scrappy Log Cabin
#3) Sew the 42 Modified Paintbox blocks from yesterday into a top, minus borders.
#4) Finish quilting Now or Forever (Feb. UFO)
oh...let's keep going shall we???...
#5) Sew up my three BOM's for March and start working on the directions (tonight in front of the Olympics)

Whew!!! Manageable???? Quite possibly if I get my lil' biscuits off the computer and get the day started!!!
Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiltathon - Saturday new project; Cassie in basketball

Wow---I guess I DID only work on one project today. Candace (Wraggedy Patches) has been posting about this Fransson Paintbox quilt-along that has some FUN blocks. Well, I printed out the instructions a few days ago and set them on top of this set of "girly" fabrics that looked FUN as well. It's not a true paintbox, not this version anyway; it was just a cute way to burn up some fabrics for a small girl quilt. I'm not sure what layout to use though---the random or the mono-chromatic. Any thoughts from you????
The rose is from Cassie, BTW.

This morning, Cassie had basketball. It's very laid-back for these ages (1st - 3rd grades). Once kids are organized into teams, a running clock is started for 15 minutes and they just play. Then a short break, and then back for another 15 minutes. It's just a fun way for the kids to start learning the fundamentals and to have some fun and exercise. G'ma enjoyed taking some pics and cheering her on.

Watching some Olympics right now, but may head back downstairs for some more quilting before the night is over.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Quiltathon -Friday Jump start

Judy at Patchwork Times is hosting a Quiltathon this weekend, and since I had the day off of school for our Winter Break, naturally I wanted to get a jumpstart at the festivities.

I was able to get downstairs rather early (for this house) this morning, but didn't really have a definite "must-work-on" project in mind. So I did a little tidying, put away some thread spools, trimmed up some scraps from the recent Q4K's projects, a little this, a little that...and then I spied the stack of red/black/white Pineapple Blossom blocks that I worked on during the last Quiltathon as a swap. Since then, the swap has been completed and mail back to participants, so I played with some layouts, and came away with this as the layout (top left). Two more blocks were needed to finish up this layout and sewing up the bonus triangle pinwheels at the same time, that is where they were left for the remainder of the day.

My day was really a day of a-little-of-this/a-little-of-that. I pulled out the fabrics I had cut a few weeks back for Hannah's Rotation [[will that quilt ever have a different name??]] and started planning out how to bring her design to life. In the end, I grabbed a black sharpie and simply cut the design up into 30 12" blocks. Oooooo.....a lightbulb JUST went off when I typed the word cut. Ahhhhhh! I'm gonna grab the scissors tomorrow and actually CUT the 'blocks' out from the paper. I really don't see any other way to accomplish that design; there aren't any repetitions (except for the 180 rotation). Anyway, the bottom-left and small-bottom-inset-right show my work on that project.

Then I was inspired to pull out the fabrics from the other Math 8 quilt design (the runner up - Jade's Heart). I really liked the pattern, and it will be quite simple to make, so.....I'm making it. The first stage is to make 50 4-patches [[shown in the other three-small-inset pictures. ]]

I wasn't able to work non-stop since all three girls are home with me today, and that my parents arrived at 3:00 this afternoon. BUT, sitting with the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on the TV tonight really was a great opportunity for me to start putting some binding stitches onto Perkiomen Daydreams, which arrived unannounced from Carol Cornfield Quilter last week, but I forgave her due to the beautiful quilting that she did!!! :0) Sadly, my blogworld will need to stay in suspense until it is finished and hung on the wall. It will be the first quilt that I will (attempt) to enter into Quilt show(s). Bonnie Hunter's design is absolutely amazing!

Cass has basketball tomorrow morning at 9:00, so I don't anticipate being able to get to any sewing until noonish.
Happy Friday everyone!

4 day weekend--PERFECT timing for a quiltathon

Judy at Patchwork Times is organizing another Quiltathon for this weekend. Has it REALLY been a month already since the last one??? Holy cow.

So---no school today; no school Monday...what can all be accomplished?

(Oh, and G'ma and G'pa are visiting us for the weekend....)
Happy Friday

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Quilts for kids (3); Now or Forever; Stash Report

(Left): Prince in Training [[Thanks for the name suggestion Angela!!]]
(Middle): A Cowboy's Life (the kit from Downy)
(Right): Lilly Pad Hop [[Thanks for the name suggestion Laurel!]]

With a few major hiccups yesterday, I ended up being 3 hours delayed (actually closer to four) with the finishes of my Quilts for Kids. I was clippin' along merrily with the quilting, and was ready to start the binding....and then frustration hit! TENSION!!!!! I FMQ'd (free-motion-quilted) in the borders, and didn't even THINK about checking for tension problems because I simply haven't had problems since I got my new machine. So----I spent 1.5 hours with EACH quilt, ripping out the border quilting ((**sigh**)), and then another hour of re-quilting the borders. happens. Today the final touches were put on (label and binding stitches). Hopefully they'll be hitting the mail tomorrow, but more likely Tuesday.

Despite the frustration with the tension, I persevered and kept going last night....until MIDNIGHT! I couldn't believe it when I looked up and saw 11:30! I was in a zone for sure.....

Now-n-Forever saw progress in the form of sashings, borders, and piano-keys! At the moment, it is under the machine with quarter of the quilting done. It will also see a name change----> Now or Forever. LOL. If I were to complete the pattern as given, it would be ABSOLUTELY forever until it would have seen a completion. Those roses just hung me up big time! ((Here's the proposed design in case you've never seen it.))

This afternoon, Caitlyn and I pulled out her "100th day of school" project since tomorrow is the Big Day! She needed to place 100 items on her poster, so I offered her a few suggestions; the typical items like cheerios, maccaroni, buttons, spaghetti.....and I threw in pictures and stickers as well. Those ideas were a hit with her, the computer I went to print out 50 little pictures of the past few months while she sought out some stickers. Now----to just find some clothes for her to wear to look "old". :0)

Stash Report: February 1 - 7
Used this week: 9.132 yards
Purchased this week: 0 yards (Yes, Z-E-R-O!!!)
Used-to-date 2010: 40.132 yards
Purchased-to-date 2010: 86.25 yards
Net used: -46.12 yards

Happy Sunday

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Quilts for Kids information

Morning Ladies----it's SATURDAY!!!!!!!!
For those of you not members of some online quilting chat-groups, perhaps you haven't read or heard about Quilts for Kids. I know some of you have commented back about my previous Quilts for Kids posts, and you are VERY welcome for the link to the kit request website. What a wonderful cause and something so simple for us to do who love quilting so dearly. Here is an informational message/email sent out and shared with us (posted at Quiltvillechat - Yahoo group)

Dear Quilters,

Each year in the United States, children account for more than six million hospital stays and must confront the challenges of overcoming illness while staying in unfamiliar hospital environments. In January 2009, Quilts for Kids, Inc. kicked off a partnership with Downy fabric softener to launch the Downy Touch of Comfort program - bringing a "touch of comfort" to hospitalized children in Children's Miracle Network hospitals nationwide along with "Grey's Anatomy" star and mother of three, Chandra Wilson. Now, Downy has developed a special documentary to raise awareness about the cause and Quilts for Kids' mission. The documentary shows the heartfelt effort that numerous people have put into helping these children feel close to home; from our quilters to the Downy Touch of Comfort spokeswoman, Chandra Wilson, many people have made a difference in the lives of children such as those seen in this film.

We encourage you to view the film and share it with others by sending them the links or by sharing this on your FaceBook page.

Link to Quilts for Kids:

Link to

Link to YouTube:

As mentioned in the film, each purchase of a specially marked bottle of Downy will go back to Quilts for Kids to help us create more quilts for the millions of children that are hospitalized each year. The new specially marked bottle design features a "quilted" label and the Downy Touch of Comfort logo on the front, and five cents from each of these specially marked bottles will help Quilts for Kids, Inc. and Downy reach our goal to deliver 10,000 more quilts to these children this year.

We truly appreciate your interest and continuing support of Quilts for Kids and Downy Touch of Comfort

One stitch, one quilt, one child at a time,

Sally Weber

Chapter Liaison

Quilts, for Kids, inc.

It's Saturday and I'm excited to finish up my three Quilts for Kids so they can hit the mail Monday AM.
Happy Quilting

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More quilts for kids; Now-n-Forever returns; new scrappy blocks

Something to show for my past three evenings.....
Sunday night, I started cutting up some of the new loot for a Quilts 4 Kids project...

... and I had enough of this frog fabric to make two. VERY fast piecing....
but now...I'm stumped on names for these two quilts. Do you have a NAME suggestion? Otherwise, I'll be doomed to put "Frog-green" and "Frog-blue" on these labels! LOL

When I went downstairs tonight, I spent the first half hour tidying, cutting up some scraps that have been collecting on the side of my cutting mat (which had been reduced to about 20 "working" inches due to the scraps)..., and I found myself cutting for my Scrappy Log Cabin that I have been stock piling pieces for in a shoebox. So....I whipped out 9 blocks, just to play :0)

Umm...yeah...tonight was a night of "play" and "putz"---because after I finished up those blocks, I looked around my quilting room. I walked over and blew the dust off of my Now -n- Forever blocks, and I figured I might as well start working on them now, or it will be forever until they see a finish. ((yeah, pun COMPLETELY intended)) :0)
I sewed up the two purple blocks and the two orange blocks tonight. All 12 blocks are now complete, but I don't think I'll make the TRUE Now-n-Forever design. Nope--no way! I think I'll just turn it into a cute lil' girl's lap quilt since the fabrics are lively and bright.

Okay: tick-tock, tick=tock.
Night everyone
Happy Wednesday