Friday, August 28, 2009

*GASP*--coming up for air!!!

Shy lil' wave going out to everyone!

Once "school-mode" and "coach-mode" started, there was absolutely no turning back. My fingers haven't touched fabric OR my machine in well over a month!!! (***and I actually AM okay with that!***)

Through thick-n-thin, my DH loves me and will stand by me in everything I do (although he's also CONCERNED about me and wants to be sure I'm not burning from both ends of the candle all the time!) This past week has HANDS-DOWN been the craziest and I don't know who's more wacked-out --- myself or my husband!!

Volleyball has been going well---2 weeks into the season now. We had some "difficulty" on the first day of practice and called in the "Big Guy" (our Athletic Director). Our pole was "stuck" in the down position----so ....*chuckle*....he waddles out of the gym and comes back carrying TOOLS! I guess you just have to know our AD to find the humor in all of this....the man is wonderful, funny, and the kids love him! My assistant snapped this pic of he and I attempting (and SUCCESSFULLY!) fixing the pole!

Last night was the first competition for the team, and the girls played very well! The night was a success and they are starting the season 2-0! So far, so good. The first Saturday tournament is tomorrow, and I actually have a goal of getting to bed by 9:00 tonight. (I HAVE been burning both ends lately....and it's time to take care of me) ***nod, nod---yes dear, I'm listening to you!!!*** :0)

On Friday, Aug 14th, I asked DH to take the day off of work. It was my ONLY day "off" in the entire month of August (recall----our school doesn't start until NEXT Tuesday 9/1, but that hasn't kept me away from the school building for one thing or another.) I wanted to spend some special family time together before summer was kinda-sorta-officiallly over. We headed up to the Superior Zoo in Duluth, MN. GLORIOUS DAY! It is sad to admit, but we don't do many family "outings," so it was such a lovely, fun, special day for all of us! And, as most of you can imagine, after a full day of sun, walking, and play, we had two lil' tuckered out angels! This snapshot was too irresistable to pass up---it's not all the time that these two "get along" so well. :0) Cute as a bug in a rug!!!

The other "news"----Cassie finally doesn't have to sit 2 INCHES from the television any more! The glasses-fairy visited. When we were shopping around for frames, she was bound and determined to get the "pinky-pink" frames, and.....well....after trying 20 or so frames, I couldn't disagree with her. They are "HER."

I can't foresee any quilting in the near future---really. My plate is quite full (and, again, I REALLY am okay with it!----duh! Otherwise I'd push some things OFF the plate!) :0) However, due to the fullness, quilting simply will need to take a back-burner location for the time-being. Until when??? Probably until Vball is over----????? October/November.

To my PIF'ers: You can expect your "gifts" at a wonderfully appropriate time---CHRISTMAS! :0) One little part of all my PIF'ers gifts are completed, but more is in my mind for each of my wonderful three receivers :0)

I know this goes without saying, but....I will check in when I can. And ACTUALLY, maybe it MIGHT be more than what my mind actually is thinking. I just ordered a new MacBookPro (with the FREE iPod touch Back-to-School deal!) I should have it in a week or so. Yeah :0)

Okay all----Happy Back-to-School to everyone!
Happy Friday

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's been a long time...

Life has really kept me away from blogging, mainly because I haven't had much of anything to blog about. I haven't touched my sewing machine in over 2 weeks (this weekend will be the 3rd weekend of no sewing.) Amazingly, I am not going through any withdrawal symptoms.

School has not started, nor will it for another 2 weeks, but my life turned "school-mode" a few weeks ago. It's okay; I've dived right back in full-swing; prepping for the vball season (starting on Monday), transferring over all of our school's website content to the new management system, attending 3 weeks worth of Math workshops. Any free time I've had at home, I've pretty much spent working on the new website or doing some surfing for vball drills. I really haven't felt a "NEED" to get on the sewing machine. Maybe it's the break I needed, since I don't have any deadlines on the forefront.

The family is well. I will be doing some surfing shortly to see if I can find something "special" to do with the girls tomorrow around the area. Tomorrow is my last official "no-school-work-to-do" day; after that I will not have another full day off until the first school vacation day (in November??). We are a very rural community, so I may find I'll be traveling an hour or so in order to make the day "special".....**shrug** I dunno. The girls have been with G'parents so much lately, I've really missed them!!! (Ditto from DH).

Happy Wednesday