Monday, January 24, 2011

Design wall; Blue Ridge Beauty action

My design wall hasn't seen much of a change over the past week (yeah....NO change at all!) Since I spent the weekend catching up on some quilting for my MIL, I decided tonight would actually see some more "blue" work.

I spent a couple of hours trimming up some more blue and light scraps. Naturally, I wasn't JUST working on cutting 2" scraps for the Blue Ridge Beauty but also some 2.5" scraps for my Blue Star Struck. Twenty more blocks are needed (MINIMUM) for the BRB before I'll start piecing the blocks together into a (most likely) lap-sized quilt.

I finally broke down and dished out a few dollars to purchase a small portable heater for my sewing room. It's COLD down there!!!!! In fact, yesterday morning I gave up on the 60 degree basement after finishing up a MIL quilt and spent the rest of the day upstairs in the wood-heated area!

Cailtyn enjoyed some Yoga time on the Wii yesterday. She was also enjoying the 80 degree temperature in the house from the wood heat. Even *I* ended up with shorts on by the afternoon!

More downfalls about the winter months........STATIC! I've given so many kissy-shocks over the past few evenings when tucking the girls into bed! Tonight I remember to touch their arm to discharge us before giving the goodnight kisses. Otherwise, those are some powerful 'zappy' kisses!

Anyway---it felt good to get some weekday sewing in. This is one of my more enjoyable times of the school year; Prep in the morning, Math 7 advanced section 2nd block, Math 7 regular section 3rd block, then Study hall supervision during 4th block where I assist students with math and science work or anything else they may have to do. Makes for a stress free schedule and a stress free Amy :0)

Happy Monday!


Marti said...

It may not have changed, but it's new to me, and I really like it. I've been trying to figure out how to make a blue, white & tan quilt out of the fabrics I have. Yours is great and has given me a few ideas. Thanks!

AnnieO said...

Looks just as good as the last time you showed it, LOL! This setting is so appealing. That Bonnie just has a great designer's brain.

Zappy kisses, how funny!

Chris said...

It is still just a joy to look at. I know what you mean about the static! It is soooooo dry here that we have all become shocking people every time we touch each other LOL