Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stash Report Jan. 17-23

Stash Report: Jan. 17-23
Used/week: 4.75 yds
Purch/week: 0.0 yds

Used/year: 19.15 yds
Purch/year: 0 yds

Net Used: 19.15 yds

Nothing spectacular yet, other than the 0.0 yard purchased for the year :0)
This week WOULD have been very quiet on the stash used side if I wouldn't have decided to participate in the Quilts4Military Mystery 24. I did a decent amount of quilting by finishing off four quilts for my MIL, but none of the fabric used was mine. Soon enough those numbers will start spiking! I MUST continue fighting the urge to stop in at the quilt shop tempting!!!!

Watching the Packers beat the Bears.....almost the end of the third quarter. Come on Pack! Come on Pack! Come on Pack!!!!


Ruthie said...

Yea, your header is even green and gold. Go Packers! Oh, and a great stash report too!

Tamera said...

YEAH Packers!!!!!