Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Knitting Knobby" progress

While watching the Packer game, I continued along with the mindless knitting with this "Knitting Knobby" (thanks for the name, ladies!!!). I foresee a rug once finished. Roughly 6 (?) hours have been spent with this already. I kinda lost track. Besides, I wouldn't say I worked continuously during the game; too many white knuckled moments at the edge of my seat.

The girls are in the tub and then I'll be spending some more time with this while watching the Steelers/Jets game.

Happy Sunday everyone. Hopefully your week looks promising!


scraphappy said...

Oh, that is super cute. I think we have one of those Knobbies around here somewhere. I bet Anna would enjoy working on something like that. Sounds like you will have had your fill of football before the end of the day.

Dee said...

Very pretty. I'm interested to see what it ends up looking like. I've never seem one of these things before.