Sunday, January 2, 2011

In need of design wall space; Rainbow challenge stalled

8:00 - 12:15 I was dutiful and worked diligently on my AP Statistics lessons; moving into the subject of Inference on means via t-Distributions........blah, blah, blah, right??? ;0)

From that point until 2:00 it was a combination of lunch and super-speed house cleaning with Christmas items being stashed away from another year and gifts finally finding homes in various locations.

Then, at 2:00----I said ENOUGH. Time to get downstairs....

My first goal: start sifting through THIS mess {{pointing up}} to find some blue fabs. This mess {{pointing up}} are boxes and boxes of donations from my mother; donations via garage sales and cleaning up the Church Volunteer quilt-group supplies (a group that never meets anymore) :0( Hm, too bad I wasn't closer to her; maybe I'd volunteer to get it running again.

I found a couple of nice blues. **chuckle** In fact, those bottom two fabrics were TOO nice, so rather than cut in to them, I pressed them and folded them neat and added them to my stash :0) **shaking head, giggling** So much for busting THOSE fabrics! BUT, the top darker blue plaid-style has been cut into 2.5" strips to be used for some more Star Struck Blue units AND to be used as binding for either that quilt and/or Blue Ridge Beauty. Through this process, I've decided to set a newly updated goal to help me tackle that mess of boxes:

Each month, I will VOW to use at least four fabrics for my Rainbow Challenge from the depths of these boxes. {{I'm actually hoping this will help me knock these stacks down to little or nothing and get it either in projects or pressed/folded nicely on my shelves. Who KNOWS what other gems lurk in there????

Anyway...THEN I wanted to see how many units I have for each of these UFOs (Blue Ridge Beauty and Star Struck Blues), BUT....

....this was still the state of my design wall. I had NO room!

No biggy....I just started piecing those blocks together. I couldn't BEAR just taking them down only to have to reset them some other day. Psht....that's just stupid, right? So....about an hour in and half is pieced, but sadly, family duties have taken me away from my room for now. (until maybe after the girls go to bed).

I ordered Bonnie's new book. Excited to have yet another signed copy of a Bonnie book in my sewing room come February!

I just checked in on the girls because they were getting a bit loud and crazy....

Oh dear....

...tell me Candace, how does that make you feel?? I go.

Oh, and YEAH PACKERS!!!! We made the playoff after beating the Bears!!! WOOOO!!!!


The Quilting Pirate said...

OOO going through all that fabric was like Christmas again, huh?? :) Lovely blues!

HAHAHAha, the girls sure made me smile!

I'm a Raven's fan and we won too!

scraphappy said...

It is hard to imagine the treasures that lurk in the depths of those piles. Who knows what will pop up next? Somehow I missed In Flight entirely. How did it pop up already finished like that? Looking forward to seeing the blue show up on your design wall.

Gari said...

Every time you talk about statistics I remember that I got into a graduate class that required a stats course first. Since I hadn't taken stats, the prof said that if I could pass the stats exam (3 weeks into the class) I could stay. Boy you better bet I passed and got my MS without a stats class. Whew!!

Andee said...

I am behind I need to order this book too! Congrats on that top!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Jen here.

So when you were helping me make my quilt, I saved your blog to my favorites and occasionally when I go to clean it out I re-run across your site and take a look. It never fails to make me laugh! I just started to scroll onto this days page and the t-distribution hit me. I had a stats class this past semester and I have to admit I felt a little proud when I knew exactly what it was without looking.

I actually did really well in the class and as you know I work as a math tutor. Up to this point I have only done one on one sessions but next semester I am going to start hosting group sessions for the stats class. I think I will be having them twice a week and then I get paid an hour of prep for every hour I "teach". Oddly enough I'm really excited!

Thanks again for your help on the quilt ... cant thank you enough!