Monday, January 17, 2011

Snip Snip Here....

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm.........yeah........ Allow me to introduce you to the pieces from the Maltese Star, Mystery #24 from the MysteryQuilts4Military Yahoo Group. I had NO intentions of doing this---honest engine......but when I was pressing, folding and organizing some fabric from the donation boxes last night, I came across this red, and all this I pulled some more of my blues together. And......V'IOLA! The rotary cutter just took over......and now: another quilt in the making!

In my process of going through my boxes of donations last night, I pulled out this gem. AND.....there was 3 1/2 YARDS of it!!!!! Hmm.....maybe a border? Part of the backing for Blue Ridge Beauty??? Or maybe it'll just be admired on the shelf for that next perfect project??? ;0)'ll find itself in a project soon!

Happy Monday!!!
OH! And, for those of you who had a day off today for MLK Day, I hope you enjoyed your day! I'm not quite sure why our school doesn't take vacation on this day. Anyway, today was actually a decent day; the kids were (thankfully) decently behaved for once.


Dev Forester said...

It's always nice when the kids behave =]

jillquilts said...

Woo hoo for a good day at work and for cutting a new project. Maybe that is what I need to do in order to bring back my mojo! lol

And that floral is pretty!!! Great find!

Quilter Kathy said...

OH did that happen that a new project just appeared?!? It happens to me sometimes too :)
Looks like a fun piecing project!

scraphappy said...

You just had a finish, a new start seems only right. Love the blue flowers for Blue ridge Beauty. The gold accents are great.
I saw a math quilt and though of you: