Thursday, July 5, 2012

Always something to do

Are you a hostess who feels you always need to have something "planned" when you have company over?  I sometimes feel that way, and I think my sister has some of that tendency too.  
But yesterday...specially after our morning relaxing time, and beach time, we found plenty to keep us occupied...

Violin lessons for nearly an hour...

Monkey-barring around; teaching new "moves" that I knew as a kid and safely "spotting" Caitlyn as she tried it for the first time.  {{Yes Dad, she survived!}}

Then showing her how it was done :)  {{Yes Dad, I survived!!}} :D

"Hey Mom!  Let's synchronize!  You go one way, I'll go another!"

I think we deserve a "10"!  {{However, now that the gymnastic scoring has been changed, maybe we deserve a 15.9 out of a 16.5 difficulty :)}}  And I simply must say, I don't think my sister is getting her swimming suit back that I borrowed!  I LOVE the color of this suit!

Sit and watch the animals in the yard!  The groundhog in the background kept us quite entertained for much of the day; coming out of his woodline from time to time.  This time, he also happened to have a friend in the yard to play with.

Later in the evening, we practiced Captain's obedience commands. Captain belongs to Derek's sister (Derek is my sister's husband).   So Captain is my sister's husband's sister's dog :)  And SM-ART!!!!!

The picture isn't the greatest.... but Derek placed the ball out of Captain's reach on the outer ledge of the stairs, high enough up that he couldn't jump and get it from the main floor.  Captain ran up-n-down the stairs a few times, in a panic on how to get the ball, and then came back to the main floor, still in a doggy-panic on how to "get the ball, gotta get the ball!"

And finally, he climbed the stairs and batted his paw through the spindles to knock the ball down to the main floor.   He had all of us cheering and hoopla-ing up a storm with that trick!

All-in-all, it really was quite enough to tucker everyone out!


Candace said...

Lots of happy memories.

Alycia said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!! YOu and your daughter on the monkey bars is priceless!! Did you get dizzy? LOL

Andra Gayle said...

Amy, it looks like you are all having a lovely time! What a great vacation!

Andee said...

So impressed with those moves..swimsuit looks great, sis needs to let you keep it! Glad you got in a beach day too!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Looks like everyone is having a great time.