Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday's list - ACCOMPLISHED (and then some)...

Sunday's to-do list wrapup:

#2:  Bathroom cleaning - DONE (by girls) (with instructions clearly barked explained by me)

#3:  "Rake" lawn for mulch - DONE (by me)
#4:  Weed raspberries and mulch them - 90% DONE (accomplished by Paul)
#5:  Mulch Paul's strawberry patc
h - DONE (by Paul)
#5 ext: (mulch "rescued tomatoes") - DONE (by me)
#6:  Laundry (well, after a short-lived late-day storm that blew through, the once dry-clothes are still hanging on the line to dry for a second time.)

MORE Additional tasks....

WE HAVE PEAS TOO!  So, #7 -- we picked what was ripe and snacked on them for dinner.

And #8, I even finished cutting the fabric for Star Path - QOV Mystery #28.  I EVEN followed the recommended 10% rule for my scrappy reds (cut no more than 10% from one fabric to keep the scrappiness non-dominated by certain fabrics).  Remember, it's not too late to get motivated to join in.  The clues have only been fabric selection and cutting directions so far.  Clues are being posted every Friday.  Become a member of the group and join in the fun :D


scraphappy said...

Big WOOHOO for you!!!

Valerie said...

Hahaha - wish I could get my girls to work like that!!! I have three girls too - 10, 6, and 1!

Linda said...

Great pics of the girls! They accomplished so much (and so did you!). I'm glad they help or at least try! Your garden is doing so good. Mine bit the dust with the heat...