Saturday, July 21, 2012

Gardening and Touristing - lots of pictures

We slept LATE!!!!  8:00 AM, and Paul and I finally rolled out of bed (much to do with our late night "Salt" movie last night).  Therefore, we had a late start in the garden, BUT thankfully the morning was quite overcast with clouds;  made for better weeding weather :)

The onions got their TLC

Some are doing WONDERFULLY well!  Look at this monster already (as compared to the one directly to its left)

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?  :)  While weeding away and wandering around, Paul and I were discussing how and what we were going to try out in the dehydrator this year.  Cayenne pepper being one of those on the list.  Others to include:  cilantro, tomatoes, carrots, beans(?).... we mentioned corn, but aren't really sure if the kernels will remain on the trays;  the holes are quite big.

My goofball :)

The tomatoes also got a much needed haircut!  

Some of the branches trimmed off are WAY bigger than the initial plant itself!

Two plants were completely thrown out;  they weren't looking well at all.  I definitely don't want one or two "sick" plants to ruin the rest;  besides, two out of 56 won't hurt us too bad :P

HMMMMM!!!! I can't wait for harvest time.

By Noon, we were rolling out of the driveway to become tourists.  Linda had posted about her toursity day;  today it was our turn. 
Hayward, WI;  VERY much a tourist town in the summer!
Anyone out there (or your significant others?) follow the ESPN Lumberjack Competition?  ((Yeah, we had never heard of it either)) :)  Anyway, it's held in Hayward every year.  THANKFULLY it was NOT today; rather it's next weekend! 

Actually...our trip was spurred on by a new farm-n-fleet type store that was having a grand opening today, so we went to check it out.  Bought some deals for preserving everything in the garden; signed up for a 2012 Ford Escape grand prize giveaway, and then, we walked and wandered Main Street.

One knick-knacking store was loaded with signs.  THIS one .... hm!  As a teacher, I don't need to look too far to find an Enabler :\  I'm still trying to figure out the humor behind it.  **scratching head**

This lil' bit caught my eye.  Not the towels...but the hanger!  It's the side rail of crib.  How cute!  I could imagine cutting every other rail out and using it to display quilts.  Ideas, ideas, ideas.

THIS sign needed no figuring out.  I understand chocolate.
So, with chocolate on the mind.....

What do you think, Candace?  You likey?  
Hm...I just noticed the shirt she was wearing today;  her "No Cavity Club" winner shirt.  How ironic! :)  

We were even able to spy the making of the goodies for a little while.

With $$$s worth of chocolate and other sugary goodies safely purchased, we continued walking and wandering and leisurely enjoying ourselves.  The girls were pretty decent, although I could tell the day was starting to take its toll.  
When did Paul and I get so "old" where we just enjoy strolling about, window shopping? 

This sign almost sums it all up, huh?  Except, cross off martini and replace it with Amaretto.   {{or sewing machine.... or quilt? }} :)

I hope you are loving your ride! 
Happy Saturday


Andra Gayle said...

That big, beautiful green tomato needs to be fried! Mouth watering now...

Andee said...

Love Hayward, love that candy store too! I have been there during the lumberjack thing (by sheer random accident) but it was cool to see what was going on as we drove by a few times! What a nice day!