Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Diamond Fields & my job "to-do" list

Diamond Fields - 95" x 95"

The final border has been sewn onto the quilt, and batting was pieced.  Both parts await the backing to arrive via mail.  I actually purchased a 108" wide olive green backing to make life a little easier;  it'll be the first wide-back I've purchased/used before.

The living room cleaning was tackled as well yesterday.  So, on my list of rooms to clean (REALLLLLY clean) before company arrives this weekend:
* Bathroom - DONE (Sunday)
* Living room - DONE (Monday)
* Dining room/Kitchen (Tuesday)
* Laundry Room - (Wednesday)
* Entry way - (Thursday)
* One final sweep/mop of all floors - (Friday)

Also on that list:
* Print updated pictures and place in frames!  (I'm terrible at keeping updated pictures out for viewing)
* Purchase shower curtain and rod for downstairs shower (the downstairs bathroom is SLOWLY becoming functional!)
* Hang old curtains in downstairs bathroom to be "make-shift" walls (until the real walls get finished)
* Remove unwanted items from loft area (the "stuff" the girls went through and no longer want)

NOT to forget all the gardening that is ripening right now!
* Raspberries (checking today)
* Beans (checking today)
* Peas (Paul is checking tonight)
* Continually water/prune/weed everything :p

I'm sure more will get added to these separate lists, but that's the lot so far.
Happy Tuesday!


scraphappy said...

That is a lot so far. Diamond Fields turned ou great! Those borders look great --they do a nice job of carrying the diamonds out to the edge.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Love the quilt and the border really makes it pop!!!

Andra Gayle said...

The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Could you come to New Mexico and organize me for getting this mess cleaned up?

Andee said...

Love it!

Ellen said...

Gorgeous quilt top! I have used the extra wide backing twice and it was so convenient and looked great too.

Your garden is so big (lucky you) and productive but that also means tons of work is required to keep things growing well.