Sunday, July 29, 2012

Something new

Once the beans were FINALLLLLy finished this afternoon (even after gifting a bad full to my MIL who showed up on their way back from the up north), I cut up a couple of peppers to give dehydration a try!  Paul and I talked about trying dehydrated peppers;  not really sure how/when we'll use them, but....**shrug**??  We have enough that a couple in here won't hurt us.
Has anyone else dehydrated peppers?  What do you use them in??

Another something new....Giant Dill pickles.  And it comes with a story:
We planted SOME of the garden SUPER early this year due to the amazingly warm Spring we had.  We put 12 cucumber seeds in the ground....... but sadly after the first down-pour we had, most of the seeds were dudders.  They are in a new (lower) spot this year...and they simply were covered with layers and layers of erosion from higher up in the garden.
SO.....about two weeks later, we planted another 11 plants to have them fill in what didn't come up early on.  And sadly---ANOTHER big rain happened;  and only TWO of those came up.  SO about a week-n-a-half later, we planted all the empty spots again......and only THREE came up then.  SO, going from 18 plants last year to only 6 this year is a bit of a difference.  
But now...back to the picture:
The first plant has been producing strongly for the past week, but I've let them go and go and hopes that some of the other plants would start producing in order to get some decent batches of Dill and Baby Dill pickles.
The cucumbers were simply getting too big, so rather than have them COMPLETELY go to waste, I grabbed a Gallon jar we saved (from store-bought pickles) and packed it with the big cuks.  Giant Dills---something new for us.  Plus, as you can see, the other plants are slowly starting to catch up :)

The day FLEW by!  Paul was able to finish up 11 chickens;  11 more remain. 

We didn't do much to celebrate his birthday;  we don't really go crazy on our birthdays.  BUT, I did whip up a batch of cookies :0)  {{I wonder who ate that missing one!!!}} ;-)

Happy Sunday!


scraphappy said...

Have you tried deep fried green beans? I had some as an appetizer -- maybe at TGIFridays -- DELISH!

Andee said...

I haven't tried dried peppers, but I do clean and cut them up and freeze them in a ziplock to add to stuff I cook. They keep a long time that way if you arent' already doing that..but guessing you are! Those cookies look really good... :)

Linda said...

I have dehydrated onions...just do it out in the garage!

Amanda said...

Never tried dehydrating anything, but I imagine you could throw a handful into stews or pasta sauces and they'd be great.

Patchwork Penguin said...

You are amazing. I'm going to have to come and spend a week just to see how you get it all accomplished.

I have never dried anything... a friend does a lot of fruit though.

Someone at school had deep fried green beans. They were crunchy, and interesting, but to me sort of negated the reason for eating the bean in the first place.