Sunday, July 15, 2012

Side-tracked by shirts [update]

Everyone has departed the Skatt-Ranch.  Brother and family have already made it safely home;  my sister and parents started back much later than him, so they are still on the road;  my sister will be arriving home around 10:00 :(  {{She's also a teacher, so she's okay with such a late arrival}}

At one point this morning, I couldn't help but chuckle.  I swear this photo is NOT staged!  There are 5 laptops, 2 kindles, 1 iPad and a couple of cell-phones in this picture alone.  {{There was one more laptop, one more kindle and loads of cell-phones NOT pictured here}}.  I just found it kinda "new-age" that just about everyone started their day "logging in" to some place or another on the net.  

And you can still see the remnants of our Sun-n-Fun outing yesterday draped over the railing pictured outside the windows.  

With everyone still at the house (and AWAKE), I didn't want to be anti-social and hide downstairs in the sewing room.  For whatever reason, I had a sudden inspirational idea to get my bag of shirts (that have been sitting for 2 years!) and cut them apart {{Does this count for hand-work Kathy?}}.  With scissors in hand, that's exactly what I did in the glider while the rest of the family lounged and relaxed (and snoozed) the morning away.  Very relaxing.

And now, with these shirts..... I'm off to relax myself with one of Bonnie's books to find a project for them.  They all blend quite nicely together (except maybe that blue/white in the lower left).  Reds, green, and whites mostly.  Hmm.....sounds like Christmas to me!  It IS still July......

Okay, off to be inspired!  
{{Ooo.....Kathy's "startitis" is spreading!  I was afraid of that!}}

UPDATE:  And the winner....... "Goose in the Puddle".... with the potential name-twist: "Christmas Goose."


Quilter Kathy said...

It sure does count!!
So sorry that the startitis has spread...there is no cure!
Good luck!

scraphappy said...

It does look like the makings of a Christmas shirt quilt. Have you made a Sisters Choice quilt yet? It is a free pattern from Quiltville and would look super in shirts.

Andee said...

I keep trying to catch Finishitis, but Startitis seems much more catchy! LOL. Glad you found something sew-y to do while still remaining social. Can't wait to see what I am going to have to copy next...wicked grin!

Patchwork Penguin said...

I have a pile of shirts to cut apart that I got when we picked up Abby at her orientation last month. However, they are somewhat unavailable as Smokey has decided that they are her 'nest'.

Glad you had some great family time!