Sunday, July 8, 2012

The first loot!

Item #1 on the to-do list:  Till upper garden.  DONE.
And would you believe....I spied THREE MORE tomato plants that survived TWO separate tillings!  However, unlike the last time, NO MORE tomato plants were rescued.

As I was tilling, I noticed quite a few raspberries were ripe.  Therefore, I grabbed a few dishes, called over the girls, and we picked our first little "teasing" batch of raspberries.  No jam with this batch, but oodles and oodles of berries remain and will be ripening over the next couple of weeks.

And, as the picture gives away, WE HAVE BEANS!  Oh my goodness!  It is a NEW RECORD!  Seriously!  We've NEVER had beans this early.  Mind you, we also had them in the ground a couple of weeks earlier than usual.  I predict the pressure canner will be dusted off by week's end!

A little lunch, and then moving onto the next items on the to-do list:
#2:  Bathroom cleaning (Caitlyn and Candace already started what they can accomplish;  the rest will have to wait until I'm done outside)
And newly added items since this morning's post:
#3:  "Rake lawn" for mulch
#4:  Weed raspberries and mulch them
#5:  Mulch Paul's strawberry patch (and rescued tomatoes if enough mulch remains)
#6:  Laundry (handing this one over to the girls!) it looks like a big list!  Time to get at it.

If you haven't read my earlier post, please do so if you are on the lookout for a mystery and a little motivation.


scraphappy said...

Why does the list always get longer and longer? Glad you are moving down it in a hurry though. Hope it doesn't take all day to finish what is left.

jillquilts said...

Way to go!! I have finally caught up on blogs (more than 20 of your posts! lol) and was so impressed and motivated by what you have accomplished the last week that I got off my duff and got busy yesterday!! I finished the top for the third Scrap Squad and it is loaded on the frame. I even got another quilt quilted today. Woo hoo!!!

Love the gardening pics and the animals! :)