Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The smell of my house

Ode de'la Basil

An amazing fragrance.  You should try it :)

First batch of Basil picked.  I SURE hope Paul is in the mood to make some pesto tonight (HIS baby, not mine.  Ick!)  otherwise we will have lots and lots of dried basil.  There is more out there, a few weeks behind this batch, plus a couple more plants from this section.  

Gardening done (tilling and weeding of strawberries, peppers, watermelon, basil;  beans picked; tomatoes checked)
Off to sew I go!

Happy Wednesday


Patchwork Penguin said...

Ok, my basil doesn't look like that..... I'm totally jealous.

Terri said...

I stopped by from Soscrappy and I see you are from WI - so am I... but live in CA now. I also see you are playing along on the Tetris QAL, and the Rainbow Challenge. How fun! We have lots in common. (I am not math inclined, though.)