Sunday, July 8, 2012

QOV Mystery 28

We're back home!!!!  And a night of relaxing snuggled in a quilt was pretty much all that was on the agenda!

Today is a different story, however!!!

First on the to-do list:  Choose fabrics for the QOV Mystery #28:
I hope to burn through some scrappy whites I have around; the navy blue is yardage; and I have some scrappy reds in mind!

Clue #1: cutting was posted on Friday (7/6), so I gave it a good start, but right now:  OUTSIDE I GO! 

Other items on my Sunday to-do list:
- The upper garden needs tilling
- The bathroom needs a top-to-bottom cleaning sometime today, too!  One room is a day is my goal to get my house is "visitor-shape" by next weekend :)

Need a project or just some motivation????  Join in with the QOV Mystery #28.  If you're not a member, request to be one :)  It's simple!  The mystery is only in its first clue (cutting); and the clues are posted each Friday until the first weekend in August.  There are weekly incentive prize drawings for individuals who stay caught up; which is quite easy to do!  These quilts usually range on a small lap-quilt size and on the 'beginner' side of piecing!  Andee and I are in!  Let's motivate each other :)


scraphappy said...

Those are some happy to be home again faces. Glad you are settled in and sewing again. We are in and out for a couple of weeks, but I signed up for the QOV mystery in case I have time when we get back. Sounds like it should be finishing up just before school starts again.

Andee said...

Great idea! Hope we get a few more takers. I am excited about a QOV Mystery!