Monday, July 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday 7/23/12

My Christmas Goose is on my design wall right now (Bonnie Hunter's Goose in a Puddle).   20 total blocks needed;  I have many block units cut and ready for piecing.

However... LOADED day today.
Drop Cassie off to Vball camp (8 AM)
Come home to pick beans and raspberries
Pick up Cassie for mid-morning snack (10 AM)
Take Cassie and Caitlyn to Swim lessons at 11AM (lasts 45 minutes)
Come home for lunch
Depending on how successful this AM picking is, preserve beans and make jam from berries.
OR do some sewing
Take Candace to Swim lesson at 3:30PM

The next few days will have this same schedule ('cept the beans and raspberries only need to happen every couple of days)

I have another Midget block I'd like to make before tomorrow
I have Step #3 to finish up for QOV Mystery #28
I need to load Julie's Diamond Fields to the quilting frame now that the backing has arrived and has been washed.
Jamestown Landing still awaits in layout stage on the floor
And Christmas Goose units are taking up my sewing table space.
The Framed Rectangles in blue have taken over the Leader/Ender table since Jamestown Landing graduated.
so much to choose from :)


Patchwork Penguin said...

Breathe woman.... breathe.... remember those breathing exercises when the girls were born....

Geeze, I'm exhausted just reading that schedule :o)

Quilter Kathy said...

This is the plaids in this design.

Pattilou said...

Your Christmas Goose looks grand!

Andra Gayle said...

wish I could pack in as much as you! Need to start by getting off this computer!

Vicki said...

Is it as hot where you are as it is here in N. Michigan? Whew! However, I did the same when I had kids in that age group. My youngest is 17 and drives now. It is great to have some freedom as a Mom. Enjoy because that age passes so quickly. Sniff, brought a tear to me eye!

Judy D in WA said...

Love the Christmas Goose. You are a busy busy Momma! Hope you find some down time. Beans and raspberries will be so wonderful in the winter.

Cathy said...

Lovely blocks. I'm glad I'm a grandma and not a mom wore me out just reading about your day.

Andee said...

Really loving these blocks...not enough to jump in with startitis..yet!

* said...

Even two days later you make me tired. But I do love your blocks.